Alexandrite Rings

Things You Need to Know About Alexandrite Rings

Not many people know about the never-ending and mesmerizing charm of an alexandrite gemstone. Alexandrite is a very rarely occurring gemstone popularly used in the making of jewelry. Have you ever worn a ring made of this gemstone? If not, why don’t you try one now?

Refer to this article to learn in detail about alexandrite rings, their benefits, and their characteristics. So, don’t make yourself wait anymore! Just begin reading!

Where did the alexandrite gemstone come from?

You might wonder how this gemstone got its name, well, the answer to that question is simple too. Alexander II of Russia ascended to the throne on the day this exclusive gemstone was discovered. This is the reason this gemstone was termed alexandrite.

The history of this gemstone runs back as long as 1834 in the Urals where it was regarded as the national ring of Russia.

Now, there is an interesting fact associated with this gemstone. A natural alexandrite ring would exhibit different colors at different points in time. If this ring this brought under broad daylight, the color that would pop up in the ring is greenish-blue or dark yellowish-green. However, if you bring the same ring in a dimly lit room, the colors that would pop up are primarily red or bright pink. This happens because this gemstone is a naturally occurring pleochroic stone.

Can it be used as a wedding ring?

When speaking of wedding rings or engagement rings the first thought that appears in people’s minds is either diamond, platinum, etc. But, no one at first comes across the thought of choosing alexandrite wedding rings as it is a rare gemstone and not many people know about the amazing looks and pros of this gemstone.

 If you want to create a change in the customs and desire to stand out from the crowd, this gemstone can be a great option to choose. The cost of rings with alexandrite stones depends on their saturation level. The darker shades of red and orange are usually very expensive.

However, lighter tones are much more affordable. When choosing an alexandrite stone for a wedding or engagement ring make sure that you use a good quality sturdy metal to keep the stone in its place. Metals such as gold and silver can go amazingly well with this stone.

The complete care manual for an alexandrite gemstone ring

alexandrite gemstone ring

Proper care and maintenance are what keep a thing in good condition for a long time. So, if you wish to keep your ring just as it was when it was new, you will require to follow up with a proper care manual.

First of all, when you need to clean your stone, all you will need is a brush with smooth bristles, mild toothpaste, and lukewarm water. Never clean your ring with a hard brush else the stone would develop several scratches which would degrade its look.

For times when you think that you will need more than just a casual wash, it would be best to visit the jewelry shop. More specifically try to visit the jewelry shop from where you made your purchase to ensure the safety of the ring. Deep cleaning of this ring includes steam, sonic, and polishing.

Why should you wear an alexandrite gemstone ring?

Apart from the mesmerizing beauty of this stone, there are many other advantages of wearing this ring. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of alexandrite gemstone.

  • Alexandrite is known to improve physical health. Nervous disorders can be kept under control by wearing this gemstone. Also, legends say that an alexandrite stone ring is capable of curing very serious diseases such as leukemia, pancreas disorder, etc.
  • Alexandrite is also associated with spiritual properties such as healing and restoration of energy in the body and mind. People can attain mental peace, strength, success, and prosperity by wearing this ring. It is considered a very lucky stone so, you can undoubtedly avail the advantages of wearing this stone.
  • The alexandrite stone is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury is regarded as the planet of intellectualism and wisdom. It is said that one wearing an alexandrite gemstone ring would get highly benefited with qualities of high intellectualism and wisdom. Besides this, this stone showers one with immense creativity and imagination.

Closing notes

To ensure the originality of this ring, it is mandatory to purchase your ring from a certified laboratory. Make alexandrite the choice for your engagement ring and create a striking impression among the wedding crowd with the never-ending charm of the alexandrite stone.

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