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Modern Ring Design Ideas for Males with Stone – Stone Ring Ideas

With so many options of blue stone rings available in the market, it becomes really tough for one to choose which one would perfectly fit them or their partner.

If you are also stuck in the same position trying to find the best gents ring design in silver with stone or in gold to fit in your (if you are a male) or your husband or fiancé’s finger (If you are a female), we are here to make it easy for you.

Who doesn’t like the glitz, glamour, and attention that one gets when they wear a diamond?

But it is not always possible and affordable for everyone to get the super expensive sparkling diamond ring. Right?

Therefore, what can be the alternative option? A stone ring.

An economic and innovative couple would always opt for something that would give them the beautiful traditional look while also not making a hole in their pocket during their engagement.

So, that’s why in this article, we have got everything for you covered so that you don’t face any kind of problem when deciding on your blue stone ring.

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If you’re looking for a green stone ring, you might consider materials like pave crystal Emerald ring as it would look absolutely stunning on anyone’s finger.

Who said that love can only be depicted with red?

Green Emerald on the modern gold ring design for males with stone is not as simple as you think. It symbolizes abundance, growth, and prosperity inside as well as outside. Green is said to be the color of expressing love, renewal, heart’s energy, stability, and expansiveness, and wearing an Emerald ring would definitely give you a luxurious look in no time.

It is also believed in ancient Rome and Greece that emerald was a gemstone of the goddess Venus. However, if we move on to the other side of the world, it is believed by the Egyptians to be a sign of eternal life.


If you have great affection for solitaire rings with a single elegant stone and want to have the best-sophisticated engagement ring style, you should opt for a diamond.

A diamond is the most popular stone among all the other options available. Not only diamond lasts longer than any other stone but also it is one of these supreme choices of engagement rings because its sparkle doesn’t fade away with time.

If you want to go traditional without compromising on the cost, diamond is going to be your friend in the long run.

If you’re thinking to get a ring for yourself or your husband, the price of the ring varies on the weight of the diamond as well as the gold ring design for males with a stone that you choose for your partner.


If you want to show off your stone rings to others, bright colors are the best for it. And we all know that girls always have a special weakness for red stone ring design.

Red is a very vibrant and vivid shade that depicts the color of love, therefore, Ruby gemstone is a great choice to flaunt your luxury and attachment.

Also when choosing Ruby, you don’t have to worry about how long it will last. Ruby has been ranked as 9 in the level of hardness as a stone. You can wear it daily, without having to think twice about it getting damaged or scratched on the daily basis.

This stone is although not as popular as diamonds are in the world of rings, hence, rubies are attractive, eye-catching and a great investment.

With rubies, you can opt for a simple single Ruby ring with a silver design. While you can also opt for chic pave Ruby rings. Small rubies are placed next to each other in an elegant way. It looks absolutely stunning when worn in the hand creating a magical effect around you.


Sapphire is an absolutely beautiful and striking gemstone that comes in multiple striking shades. However, the most famous color of Sapphire is blue.

In case you don’t like bright hues and want something that would act as a classic alternative to diamond and be colorless, you can opt for a white sapphire. Also, you can get your desired black stone ring with sapphire as well.

The blue stone ring of sapphire is brightly colored, deep saturated has high durability and you would never go wrong with this sapphire ring anyway.

The price of a sapphire depends upon the quality of the ring that you’re choosing. Low-quality sapphires are often cheaper than high-quality sapphires even if small in size.

It is a stone that is related to royalty. It is significantly said to attract blessings, abundance, and gifts. This stone also helps to calm the mind strengthen the person and give spiritual clarity while eliminating all the negative energies around you.

In case you’re not much fond of blue stone rings, you can also opt for a plain gold ring design for males without stone. They come in multiple designs and you can choose whatever suffices your needs accordingly.


Now that you know a bit more about stone rings for men and women, we suppose it won’t be so tough for you to choose the best engagement ring for yourself when you go shopping the next time. Having the best out of the rest while being under your budget is definitely one of the toughest jobs to carry out.

However, with proper planning, it is not so much of a tough and impossible thing to achieve a perfect blue stone ring. So, be careful and choose wisely!

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