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How Long Does a Helix Piercing Take to Heal?

Do you know what a helix piercing is and how it differs from other piercings? This is a specific kind of piercing that involves the upper portion of the ear. This piercing is made in the upper cartilage of the ear however there are various kinds of this piercing. With time, this style of ear piercing has gained a lot of popularity due to its uniqueness. It is not necessary to go only for a single piercing for this style. Some people even opt for more than 3 ear piercing for the helix style. So you can say that this style of ear piercing is a highly versatile one with no exact rules to match.

Is it Normal for a Helix Piercing to hurt?

This is a very common question and people are very skeptical about this fact. However, you would be relieved to know that this piercing would not be extremely painful to the ears. Just like any other normal piercing, you would feel a slight rush of pain when it is done. Don’t be too much stressed during the procedure else your body would stiffen up with nervousness resulting in more pain for your ears.

Helix Piercing

Keep your body relaxed and calm to go through an almost painless experience. Also, make sure you do not go for the procedure empty stomach. Have a good amount of breakfast or lunch before you proceed with this procedure. Having a meal infused with sugar would be great after this ear-piercing method. For example, you can have a candy bar, a smoothy shake, or something similar to cope with the energy loss during the process.

The healing period

Are you wondering what is the healing period of helix piercings? This is a highly controversial topic and different people have different answers to this particular question. The reason behind so many multiple answers is the subjective nature of this question. Just as an individual can’t determine the amount of pain faced during any piercing method, the time required for healing is also not exact.

It differs from person to person. However, there is an average time duration that complies with most people. The helix piercing healing time stretches from the period of 3 to 6 months. This period is essentially required for it to heal completely and thoroughly. However, if you go for this piercing technique, the healing period may differ for you. Some might require more time than usual in case of external injuries or body type.


Are you ready to get your ear piercing done?

Don’t worry, your piercing would heal with time without much pain if you get it done safely and accurately. You can try out more than one piercing to look a little extra fabulous!

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