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Choosing The Best Gold Chain – The Strongest and the Weakest Gold Chain

Are you planning to adorn yourself with the best gold chain? If yes, don’t just focus on the looks as there are many factors you need to take account of before getting your hands on the perfect jewelry! Choosing the right jewelry becomes a mandatory task for every lady out there wanting to stand out from the crowd with their exclusive ornament collection. Gold chains are always something to be adorned with.

Be it a fancy party or a cozy get-together, you can simply not dodge the idea of adding a beautiful chain carved out of gold to add additional elegance to your overall appearance. In this article, I will help you to learn everything about buying gold chains accurately. So, if you are willing to get expert advice on picking the perfect jewelry, dive into this blog with me right away!

Factors affecting the durability of gold chains

There are certain factors affecting the durability of the gold chain. Since a piece of gold jewelry is a good amount of investment, you should be utterly cautious while purchasing one. The ones with maximum durability will be the best choice to opt for. Here’s how you can easily determine the durability of your gold chain:

Determine the thickness

The chain thickness is a major aspect affecting the durability of your jewelry. A thicker necklace will be much stronger and more resistant than a frail or thin necklace. Wearing a thick chain will allow you to indulge in various activities freely without fearing your jewelry tearing apart.

Determine the linking

If you want your gold chain to be in the long run, I would greatly suggest refraining from choosing jewelry that is bent or twisted at the joints. It makes the necklace more prone to breakage. For the best results, you can opt for neck pieces that are integrated. I can assure you that you are not going to regret your choice!

Check the soldering

If I were to buy a gold chain, I would surely go through the soldering of the ornament to stay on the safer side. A soldiered neckpiece meticulously seals the gaps between a necklace helping it to stay in the perfect shape for a long time. Hence, never skip checking out the soldering.

Learn about the strongest gold chains

Now that you have come so far, let’s get to know what are the strongest gold chains you can opt for. Check out this guide without any more delay!

Figaro chains

Figaro chains are one of the best gold chains you can ever come across. This type of chain comes with considerable thickness and adequate soldering that keeps it from tearing off. If you are looking for a versatile option to go with your look, I will readily suggest you get your hands on the beautiful Figaro gold chains. Likewise, you can also browse the Figaro silver chain if you wish to.

Curb chain

Besides great strength and durability, curb chains come with the best gold chain designs for ladies. The incredible design and classic outlook make this jewelry piece a must-have item in your wardrobe. If you take my advice, these chains manufactured precisely are one of the most lucrative choices to opt for.

Box chain

Looking for the strongest chain to hold a pendant? I have come up with the best solution to your search! Get your hands on the exquisitely crafted gold box chains that are strong enough to hold a pendant. The box-shaped joints provide the jewelry with an ever more appealing outlook. You can also check out the strong gold mariner chain.

Learn about the weakest gold chains

Now as I have already told you about the strongest gold chains, it is time you learn about the ones that are comparatively much weaker. Let’s start now:

Bead chains

Bead chains are undoubtedly beautiful but do you know that they are much weaker compared to other gold chains? They are connected with small beads which are weaker and tend to break up easily. So, according to my suggestion, this will not be a great choice to opt for.

Snake chains

Another weaker gold chain you can ever come across is the snake chain. Just as the name suggests, this is a lightweight jewelry option that has the outer appearance of a snake. Though this thin chain necklace looks beautiful, it is not a good option to rely on for a long time.

Herringbone chains

These are exceptionally beautiful with a seamless curvy design. However, according to my opinion, this will not be a good choice since they are prone to easy damage.

End Note

Compare wisely between gold chains and learn to differentiate between the strong and weak ones. This was all about the basic guide to choosing the strongest and best gold chains. With the help of such flexible info, I can assure you that you are going to make the best choice ever!

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