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Trends Alert: How to Style a Paperclip Necklace | Full Guide to Style and Take Care After Wearing

When it comes to trendy jewelry, paperclip necklaces have been stealing the spotlight in the fashion lane. Paperclip necklace is an extremely popular iconic trend that has beautified the necks of influencers and celebrities around the world. This chain with its extended rectangular and oval links captures hearts and gives a weightless and attractive look.

A paperclip chain necklace is an elegant piece of jewelry, that every woman wants in their jewelry collection. The minimalistic design charms the entire outfit look and it’s easy to wear with any formal to casual outfit very well.

The History of Paperclip Necklace

Paperclip necklace sculpted its ident in the distinct world of necklaces. The paperclip necklace represents a symbol of unity and resistance to demur, its roots go back to World War 2. Nowadays Paperclip necklaces have reinvited the historical era in fashion trends.

The Secret of Nailing the Paperclip Jewelry Trend

This guide will unravel the way of styling on various occasions or layering ideas with other jewelry pieces.

The gold paper clip necklace and silver paper clip necklace both is a timeless jewelry piece that offers a sophisticated look after wearing.

1. Layering the paperclip Necklace:

The minimalist design makes the paperclip necklace so versatile. paperclip necklaces are made with many materials as gold silver and platinum. The gold paperclip necklace will be an ideal choice for people who love to wear yellow gold in their jewelry accessories.

before starting learning consider the material, length, and design. this step will be sure to make the perfect layers.

  • A gold Harrington necklace is the best preference to layer with a gold paperclip necklace.
  • Visual balance is important to check before layering. If the Paperclip necklace is a simple sophisticated design, the other layered chain should be delicate to make the balanced look.
  • Don’t hesitate to mix up the materials. it also creates an eye-opening look with turtle neck, square neck, and shoulder attires.
  • Pick a long paperclip necklace with an expanded link chain to create a double layer of paperclip chain necklace.

2. Select the Right Neckline Attire to style:

As I mentioned the simple design of a paper clip necklace makes it so easy to style with casual to formal fits, but the question stands for How to style a paperclip necklace with a night party outfit? here is how to style the paperclip necklace style with an elegant party outfit without making any mistakes.

Selecting the neckline of a dress is the first and most important thing before styling a paperclip necklace with occasional attire. Say a big No to halter neckline, High neckline, keyhole neckline, one-shoulder neckline, and asymmetrical neckline dress while styling the paperclip Necklace. These necklines are not an appropriate choice for styling paperclip necklaces.Try to keep choosing open-neckline dresses as off-shoulder necklines, plunging necklines, V necklines, turtle necklines, U shape necklines, and square necklines offer the elegant look after styling a paperclip necklace.

3. Attaching Charms:

Paperclip necklace comes in many designs, sizes, and shapes and it is customized easily. A small link paper clip chain, thin, is an ideal piece to add a pendant. pick a square rectangle or round-shaped chain to create a sophisticated look. alphabet charms are also a good choice to add on.

How to Take Care of The Paperclip Necklace?

Paperclip necklaces made with gold, silver, and platinum don’t need regular caring treatment. Cause it doesn’t ruin the color. The artificial imitation paperclip necklaces need to be handled carefully or they could turn out the color or fade away sooner.

  • Avoid spraying perfumes after wearing a paperclip necklace as the chemical can destroy the colors.
  • Wipe out the dirt, oil, and makeup wisely before putting it in the jewelry box.
  • Remove the paperclip jewelry while bathing as the regular water flow destroys the color.


What Does a Paperclip Necklace Signify?

A Paperclip necklace signifies the symbol of unity and resistance to demur. The simple sophisticated design makes it so versatile and elegant.

Can I Give a Paperclip Necklace as a Birthday Gift?

Yes! Paperclip necklaces are stealing the fashion spot nowadays. The simplicity and minimalist design turn it into timeless jewelry. So, considering a paperclip necklace as a birthday gift will be an ideal gift.

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