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7 Reasons Behind Choosing an Emerald-Cut Rectangular Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are somewhat like a first impression and introduction to the thought and act of marriage.

They are chosen very carefully by one lover for the other meant to be a perfect fit for their relationship, a relationship one of a kind.

There is a perfect formula for the best rectangular engagement ring; it stands in the middle of the spectrum ranging from classic to trending, simple to extravagant, traditional to experimental, and expensive but has to be practical.

It is easy to get very confused when there are so many choices available and so many people to give you suggestions.

Now all the suggestions must be valid; but what exactly is your beloved looking for? What do they imagine when they think of their dream engagement?

Why you should look at Rectangular Engagement Ring Ideas this season?

This season the craze is all about rectangular engagement rings. Engagement rings have existed since time immemorial and often are inspired by vintage collections.

The rectangular engagement ring is a symbol of royalty from the past – a great way to pamper your special someone on one of the most important days of their life.

Rectangular engagement rings are a modern classic

Emerald cut moissanite ring is a rectangle diamond ring that has been pleasing beholders for quite a while now. The dazzling moissanite setting holds a beautiful emerald-cut diamond. They are vintage style in engagement rings which often include a rustic but timeless vintage band.

Emerald cut moissanite engagement ring comes in two settings: the Bezel Setting and Prong Setting, both well known to your eyes even if you till this date happened to not know their name. The emerald cut moissanite ring is always an option until the last moment, as the designs available in this genre are endless and almost always impressive.

They are a practical and sophisticated design

engagement ring

The classic diamond cut ring band has stood the test of time for a reason. Sophisticated wedding and engagement bands are a favorable option for people who have a hectic lifestyle. A rectangle diamond ring wedding band enhances the shape of your fingers. They seamlessly fit into every formal and workplace occasion without seaming tacky, making them easily the most practical options on this list. The classic diamond rectangle ring includes the expensive and carefully created ‘brilliant cut diamond rectangle ring’ which is surely as best as it can ever get.

They always make for a pleasant surprise

An emerald-cut wedding set is a great surprise gift to accompany your memorable day of engagement. Most of the wedding sets consist of dainty but striking 2 ct emerald cut engagement rings, although the size and quality only go up from this point.

You can either opt for a set with the usual prong or bezel we talked of before, or a classic emerald cut wedding band set as the center of attention. They include in the set the latest designer bracelets, bewitching earrings, and the most important of them all, the perfect emerald cut diamond necklace set. The latest designer sets have focused on a rose gold emerald cut engagement ring and set option due to high demand.

They pair well with every kind of ring setting

Another rectangular engagement ring style to choose from is the well-known princess cut engagement ring. It is also a rectangular cut which can often be found in square cut variations as well. It also presents an almost immediate vintage inspiration due to its sharp sides and pointed edges.

The Princess cut diamond engagement ring can have a body and set of various kinds including gold and platinum. Due to their amazing diamond rectangle ring cut design, most people opting for the princess cut engagement ring these days go for a symmetrical ring body.

They have an inspiring symbolic meaning

The three-stone rectangle engagement ring has a symbolic beauty along with its architectural brilliance. The three-stone diamond rectangle ring represents the past, present, and future of the two partners which they have promised to each other.

Most of the time these three diamond pieces are put together in a specially designed wedding band. The three-stoning rectangular engagement ring looks best with a gold, rose gold, or white gold ring body. These are much in style today and many new designs are being released as we speak.

Rectangular emerald cuts are price reasonable

Rectangular emerald cut engagement rings have a more reasonable price range than most other diamond cut designs. This is because they are easier to cut in comparison to other more detail-oriented manufacturing. For example, the brilliant cut diamond ring. These rings are designed for the practical-minded couple who like to keep things within budget and focus on the long-term stability of their relationship.

Emerald-cut engagement rings are durable

Rectangular emerald engagement rings are durable because of their simple and angular cut. They say a diamond is forever, and for nothing, this is a statement truer than for emerald-cut rectangle rings. They make the diamond look bigger due to the rectangular shape while making certain that once made the cuts never dull and the edges blunt even after years of everyday wear. To life as beyond, as we like to say!


The rectangular engagement ring is a safe and great choice for a formal engagement proposal. They look classy and well thought of. Delight your partner beyond words by paying close attention to their favorite details while choosing the engagement rings that are best for you both.

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