Emerald Wedding Band

Affordable Emerald Wedding Band Ideas

Wedding bands are chosen with great care for the big day. Not only are they beautiful and striking, but they often also have to be of premium quality going to the fact that they will be worn till and beyond death.

But when everything in this date has a trend looming over its head and all things can be overdone, it takes great understanding and taste to choose what is expensive and endearing without going for something tacky.

Hands everybody is trying to do wedding bands with an authentic twist; with special meaning that make sense only to the husband and wife in question.

Emerald wedding bands are a perfect way to do that. They can even be worn as wedding or engagement rings by people from different cultures, as they are dynamic and versatile in their own right.

7 Great Emerald Wedding Band Ideas

In this article, we will be sharing with you our top 7 pics of emerald wedding band designs that you can choose from. Let us get right into it.

Emerald and Diamond Wedding Band

The Emerald and diamond wedding band is one of the most popular wedding bands when it comes to emeralds.

The reasons for this are many, one that Emirate looks very beautiful bed against diamonds and create a blinding crowd of beauties on your wedding finger that leaves everyone mesmerized.

On top of that, this is also one of the more traditional rings out there since it adds emerald to the design without taking diamonds ( considered spiritual and auspicious in marriage settings) out of the equation. They usually have a base of gold or white gold.

Emerald and Ruby’s Wedding Band

The emerald band can also come with rubies, a great option for those brides who are going full red on their big day. Emerald and rupees create a neutral tone on your fingers making your wedding band something you can easily pair with every succeeding outfit in your life.

They stand out without caging you in. Rubies being red are also symbols of love and are often carved into classy little hearts around the rim of the band. Emerald wedding bands with the beautiful addition of rubies enhance every complexion.

Emerald by Luxury Creators

luxury Emerald

An emerald band ring designed by luxury designers will add further stars to your perfect day. Every year, a wonderful and selected collection of wedding bands are introduced to the world of wedding trends which totally take each season by storm.

These bands are one of a kind and have many traditional asymmetrical and postmodern design options. You get to support the creator who really matters to you while owning a wedding ring that flaunts your love to the world.

They use premium quality products and almost every piece has a historical or socio-political inspiration giving it special meaning.

Custom Emerald Wedding Bands

What if you could both purchase emerald wedding bands whose second pair does not exist? Custom emerald wedding bands are just that.

You can even take the time out and have this wonderful fun project together where you get to decide the wedding rings that dominate your wedding day. This can even be a fun last-minute project together before you enter the joys of married life.

Many existing and reputed jewelry makers and brands offer the option to realize your custom wedding banded dreams using the most premium quality materials.

Gold Emerald Wedding Band

The emerald wedding band in gold is just beautiful. They look so stunning and often can be paid with other golden jewelry for the big day.

Gold has a special place in the hearts of many people, and incorporating gold in your wedding band especially if you think the warm tone really suits you, can make wearing your house each day of your remaining life even more exciting.

There are stunning men’s emerald wedding band options in gold as well. These are the go-to choice for those who have sensitive skin and cannot wear other materials without facing allergies.

Emerald Ring and Bracelet Set

In many cultures like that of India, bracelets, and bangles have equal ritualistic importance in marriage ceremonies as the wedding rings themselves do.

Wedding ring cum bracelet sets are greatly popular at present, and most jewelry makers will be able to show you necklaces, earrings, and other accessories in a similar collection.

The green emerald wedding jewelry sets are complemented further with our chosen and meaningful emerald wedding band. Why not go extra on the day that is named after you?


The emerald wedding band is quite a modern choice that will speak of your times and taste for the ages to come and be a part of the story of a family you are about to begin. Choosing a wedding band is an important task, but it is equally important to be playful and experimentative with it if only to keep the wedding-planner anxieties away.

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