Nipple Piercings

What Jewelry is Best for Nipple Piercings?

Are you also planning to get soon a cool nipple piercing done? Because nipple piercing is currently one of the most trendy piercing options.

But are you not confident whether the jewelry you are choosing fo nipple is safe for you or not and whether it might cause any harm to you?

It is generally a process whereby a self-inflicted wound is caused using jewelry, which starts to heal as soon as the Piercing is done. The areas surrounding the jewelry or around the piercing start to recover within three to five months so the tissues can get fully healed.

Ensure you get your nipple piercing done from an authorized place and properly disinfect and sanitize equipment. Also, remember that your nipple piercings jewelry is properly sterilized before inserting it.

Best jewelry options

When opting for nipple piercing, you should prefer jewelry less likely to cause allergies. To begin with, stainless steel –never does cause any negative reaction when brought in contact with the skin. However, stainless steel might not be a good idea if you have any metal or nickel-sensitive skin allergies. Nickel is usually cheaper. However, it might cause allergic reactions.

Some people also prefer gold nipple piercing jewelry, platinum, or niobium. Titanium is another high-quality metal that you can choose after your Piercing is healed or is in the healing stage. People allergic to the metal usually use titanium as it does not cause any reaction.

3 Major Designs To Try

Here are some jewelry design options that you can consider :

If you wish to upgrade the look of your nipple piercing, gold nipple piercing jewelry is the best-preferred option.

Nipple shields

They are not for everyday use but are fun to add to your collection. You would always need a barbell for this type of nipple jewelry. You can also consider the dangle nipple rings, but yet again, these are not for everyday wear until you are a male who has his shirt off for most of the year.

Straight or Bent Barbell Nipple Rings

Straight barbell rings are the most practical option when it comes to the everyday wearing of nipple-piercing jewelry. If you wish to anodize your barbell rings, you can do it with practically any color or combination that you wish to.

Bent barbell rings are the same as straight barbell rings and both are also suggested for everyday wear.

Captive, Segment & Seamless Nipple Rings

People usually do not prefer these; however, if you want something super cool and fun which can be visible under your clothing, you can opt for these. These might be a little too visible for men

However, if you are a woman and want to hide it, you can easily do it using a padded bra. Also, for men, wearing an undershirt can hide it or flaunt it on the weekends. You can try tons of styles with your nipple piercing.

Does nipple pierce harmful?

Over recent years, Piercing is gaining more and more popularity among men and women. Although trendy and cool, it can be risky too. And nipple piercing specifically can be risky as the nipple is generally a sensitive part of the body.

Thus any such piercing related to the area needs to be treated with utmost care and concern.

The area around the wound where the nipple piercing jewelry has been inserted starts to heal immediately. However, the healing process might have side effects, such as causing redness, discharge, or itchiness.

These symptoms are generally nothing to be worried about as they are normal in case of any other piercing, and they heal in a few months.

However, there might be some risks initiated with that too. In case any medication is going on, or you have any health condition, there might be chances of infection, or if you tend to bleed a lot, nipple piercing is not a preferred option for you.

What are the risks?

Healing time

The healing time in the case of the nipple tissues area after a piercing takes much longer than any other piercing on any other body part. It usually takes 3-5 months, but in the case of some, it might take up to 12 months.


Nipple tissues are sensitive and are usually connected to the milk ducts. The chances of this getting infected are higher than any other piercing on any body part. Similarly, as with any other piercing, using unsterilized equipment can lead to risks of infection, primarily blood-borne diseases, including tetanus, HIV, or hepatitis(B or C).

Abscesses and torn skin

The chances of abscess formation in a nipple piercing are high. Abscesses are painful lumps filled with pus under the nipple or breast. Also, if, by chance, your nipple piercing sets are stuck with your clothes and tips lost due to force, it might tear your skin severely. It would help if you saw the doctor under both the circumference and might even need stitches in the latter case.

Issues in breastfeeding

All we know is that Nipple tissues are connected to the milk ducts, which might cause problems when breastfeeding. After nipple piercing the scar tissues could block your milk from coming out smoothly and it may hard for your kid To suck the milk. Your child might get choked on it.

Now that you have a wider concept of nipple piercing keep them in mind when going for nipple piercing jewelry next time. Make sure you take adequate measures to deal with any kind of problem that mishandles the best jewelry option for you considering your allergies

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