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Do Wedding Bands Have to be Diamonds?

Since almost everybody prefers diamonds when it comes to important events in their life, it is natural for anyone to assume that ceremonial jewelry, especially when it comes to romantic occasions, must be made of diamonds.

Most people agree that diamonds are correct for weddings, engagements, and even promise rings!

However, to put it plainly, a wedding ring does not have to be diamonds unless you and your partner are looking forward to that specific gem.

Weddings are about the bride and bridegroom alone, and they get to decide which gem they would like to wear on their fingers.

A wedding ring can have any gem of your preference, including emerald, sapphire, and topaz. A wedding ring can also be a plain band with nothing else.

Why is a diamond a popular wedding ring choice?

Why do most people choose diamonds if a wedding ring can be anything? Diamonds are a popular choice because

The tradition of diamonds

Diamonds started to be used as gems reserved for marriage proposals in the 1400s in Europe. Since then, diamonds have been a tradition related to grand declarations of love and commitment.

Metaphorical significance

Diamonds have a substantial metaphorical significance. They are believed to be gems that carry sentiments of romance and sincerity. Since diamonds last forever, marriages that are commemorated by diamonds are also expected to last forever.

Societal symbol of marriage

These days diamonds have become a societal symbol of marriage. More people are likely to recognize a ring as a wedding or engagement ring if it has a diamond.

Status and affluence

Diamonds are precious and powerful gems that cost a pretty penny. They also come in several different grades, each signifying a different budget. The more prominent a diamond ring is, the more financial backing usually says, the more of the couple.

How can I make a plain wedding band precious?

Plain wedding bands are just as famous as diamond rings regarding the perfect wedding ring choice. You can easily make a plain wedding band as precious to your partner and you as any diamond in the world.

Use precious metals

Many people do not like the shine and sparkle of diamonds. You can use precious metals like gold, white gold, and platinum to create a memorable wedding band.

Commission for customized designs

You can ask a talented jeweler to create a set of customized wedding rings that will remind you and your partner of a memory that is special to you. It is a sweet and romantic gesture that your partner will appreciate, and it will not even cost that much.

It is the thought that counts

What makes a wedding band special is the importance put on the marriage itself. As long as the wedding band is made of safe metal, it is notable for you and your partner because it signifies your collective joy.


Wedding rings are precious to us because they signify our commitment to our partners and display the uniqueness of our bond.

That is why recently, most people have started switching to original, unique gemstones and styles to express themselves better with this essential lifetime accessory.

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