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Reason Behind Wearing a Snake Chain – Classy Jewelry

Do you ever wonder that in the real world, people are often scared to come in actual contact with a snake? But then why do they love wearing snake jewelry like snake chains, bracelets, rings, etc.?

Sounds mysterious right? It is exactly so.

While most people love snake jewelry for how classy, massy, and stylish they are, they have a deep-rooted background.

However, not everyone wears snake jewels because of their looks, some know-how greatly influential their presence is in their life and wishes to have it near them. 

If you are fond of something which has unique symbolic meanings behind it, then a snake chain or other snake jewels will have an invisible line of attraction between you two.

If you are here, it’s probably because someone has told you about how beneficial snake jewels are and now that you are a fan of snake chain necklaces, you want to know more about them.

So without further delay, let’s get into it and answer your queries.


Before you go on wearing a snake chain around your neck, you should probably know why you are wearing it and how it will help you.

In this article we have listed the meaning behind why snakes are so significantly valued, the use of snake jewelry in ancient Egyptian culture, and lastly some ethereal designs.

The Deep Meaning Behind Snakes

Snakes hold a very crucial place in history. Even today is serpent-entwined with a rod significant symbol in the medical world.

It is believed in Greek mythology that the God of healing and medicine, Asclepius, had a rod in his hand and that staff was surrounded by snakes because of a symbol of healing.

And is greatly used in hospitals and doctors’ offices today.

Not only this, it is believed that since sand does not have any arms or feet, or legs, the creature has to lean on the ground to move forward and thus have the closest relationship with Mother Nature and earth.

So snakes teach us to take and let go of energy from nature. The wear and tear and growth of snakes’ skin is a symbol of how we should let go of emotional setbacks and transform the energy into positivity and heal from the past.

Ancient Egyptian culture and snake jewelry

Egypt is said to be the first probable culture that wholly adopted the use of snake designs in jewelry.

During the early Egyptian area, snakes were considered to be symbols of deity and royalties.

So, to no one’s surprise, pathos adopted the culture of wearing snake pendants with a snake chain to show off their status.

Not only snakes were included in pendants and other body jewelry, but they were also included in the headdresses that the kings and the queen wore.

Even the pyramids today bear signs of cobras carved onto the sides of them.

How do I recognize a snake chain?

Since the snake chain looks similar to regular chains, you must be wondering how do you recognize when you find a snake chain?

If you ever come across a thin chain we just made up of a solid piece of metal, they are most likely to be a snake chain.

A Gold snake chain is made up of tiny overlapping links that flawlessly fit each other.

As suggested by the name, snake chain gets to be called so because the structuring of the chain and the fittings give it a shape and look like a snake’s body.

How do I design my snake chain?

The snake chain is a unisexual accessory that both men and women wear to flaunt their style.

However, jewelry is the favorite accessory of women and thus they need to make the right choice and couple them up with the right piece of ornament.

The biggest advantage that a woman gets when choosing a snake chain gold is that it is super versatile.

You can wear it alone with the dress or pair it up with precious other accessories.

A snake chain perfectly fits with absolutely anything and everything. The beauty of every outfit is multiplied when you pair it with a snake chain.

From casuals to classics whatever you wear for any occasion, a sleek snake chain would be a perfect fit for it.

If you’re not much fond of simple chains, you can couple your dress with a gold snake chain necklace with a small snake pendant dangling and give your sophisticated evening dress a smoother look.

If you are wearing a black saree and do not like too many accessories on your body, a snake chain gold can be an eye-catching complimentary item.

With a beautiful snake chain on your neck, you can also opt for a pandora snake chain bracelet on your wrist and create a classic aura around you.


Now that you know why you should opt for snake jewelry and how you can design your stylish snake chain, what are you waiting for?

Style your beautiful snake chain and see how the magic works around you.

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