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12 Types Of Stunning Gold Bracelets For Women

The graceful gold bracelets never lose their charm. Do you agree with this too? gold bracelets for women are truly one of a kind! This century-old evergreen invention has kept people on their toes until now due to its majestic aura. Why don’t you check out this article to know more about golden bracelets and their types? Don’t stop and keep reading!

When you think of gold bracelets, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Royalty showered with grace? Well, you are not alone, then. The beautiful bracelets made of gold indeed have a royal charm to them. The bracelets made up of gold even hold incredible ethnic relevance to them. You can wear bracelets made of gold anywhere like birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, dinner dates, and whatsoever.

How can wearing gold jewelry benefit you?

Have you ever thought about why Gold is in so much demand? Gold was discovered centuries back, yet it is still the most favored jewelry material you will ever come across. Do you know that gold is not only famous for its magnificent beauty, but also for its exceptional spiritual benefits? Yes, you got it right! Gold has a special spiritual significance that keeps it at the top of the demand chart.

Wearing gold jewelry is considered very pious and good for the body, do you know the reasons behind it? Take a look at them:

  • Improvement of the Nervous system
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Maintenance of body temperature
  • Betterment of the Endocrine system
  • Coping with stress, anxiety, and overthinking
  • Strengthening of the body’s immunity

These are just a few of the countless benefits of wearing gold. Now, without wasting any more time, have a look at the various types of gold bracelets for women.

12 types of gold bracelets for women

Gold cuff bracelets

Gold cuff bracelets

The gold cuff bracelets are a wonderful choice when you decide to go a little out of the casual niche. As the name suggests, the gold cuff bracelets are like cuffs. They stick to the hand and can be adjusted according to the size of your hands. Gold cuff bangles have an opening and are available in various designs. You can undoubtedly opt for the thick gold cuff bracelets when you have the desire to go breathtakingly bold.

Beaded gold bracelets

beaded gold bracelets

Beaded hand bracelets are great for casual daytime outings. If you plan to go for a lunch date with your friends or if you are on your journey on a small shopping spree, this gold bracelet for a woman would be perfect. Each of the beautiful golden beads in the bracelet adds drops of elegance and stays beautifully wrapped around your wrist. In this elegant gold beaded bracelet, you can even stand out among others in your casual attire, such is its minimalistic beauty of it.

Gold chain bracelets

Gold chain bracelets

The chain bracelets for women’s gold are one of the most popular types of bracelets you would ever see. It is made up of gold loops, the loops are joined to form a chain and that is how the gold chain bracelets are made. If you are seeking gorgeous and stylish gold bracelets, you can never miss the chain gold bracelets. These bracelets are easy to maintain, easy to wear, and incredibly durable. You can wear this gold bracelet for women to any event, it would fit in flawlessly.

Sing curb gold bracelets

The gold curb bracelets are very much in demand due to their super stylish outlook. If you don’t know what a curb is, know that they are flattened pieces of jewelry attached closely. Single curb gold bracelets are classy, trendy, and happening. On the days when you want to flaunt your striped jeans and crop tops, go for this single curb gold bracelet. Wear it, and you are sure to rock your outfit.

Gold double curb bracelets

Gold double curb bracelets

The double curb gold bracelets come with double goodness. The style statement the double curbed gold bracelets would create would be much louder and bolder. If you’re in for an impressive yet loud look, you need to get your hands on the double curbed 14k gold bracelets for women. You can wear it to sports events, pubs, lounges, etc.

Designer gold bracelets

Designer gold bracelets are like the cherry on top of the cake. Are you a person with an artistic outlook? If yes, this gold bracelet is made just for you! The designer gold bracelets are an incredible piece of art. These gold bracelets for women are intricately designed and fancy. They are not the regular gold bracelets that you come across, they are a bit over the top in aspects of looks. Do you have any upcoming special events to attend? Wear the designer gold bracelets and get lovely compliments from your special ones.

Gold charm bracelets

The gold charm bracelets are indeed very charming.  The gold charm bracelets for women are a fantastic choice when looking for versatile bracelet options. The gold charms can be customized according to your desires, and what’s more interesting is that you can display your personality using the gold charm bracelets. If you are fond of cute and beautiful stuff, add this gold bracelet for women to your collection immediately.

Affirmation gold bracelets

Affirmation gold bracelets are a very thoughtful and unique gift that you can give to your close ones. You can engrave your special messages and notes on the affirmation gold bracelets and gift them. These bracelets are truly one of the best gifts that you can ever come across. Give your bestie an affirmation gold bracelet on her birthday and see her cheeks blush with happiness.

Gold bangle bracelets

Gold bangle bracelets

If you’re seeking some casual options such as daily wear ornaments, you can undoubtedly pick the gold bangle bracelets. These bracelets are non-adjustable and usually don’t have any opening. However, it doesn’t make them any less. They are simple, stylish, and elegant at the same time. Wear it around your house and steal sweet compliments from your hubby.

Slider gold bracelets

If you dislike uncomfortable and heavy jewelry, you can select the slider gold bracelets for women. They are a perfect match for sleek, lightweight, and easy-to-wear jewelry. You can slide these bracelets through your wrists, making the process of opening and wearing the bracelet effortless. Slider bracelets are also a unique gift item. If you are searching for an eye-catching present for your friends or family, the gold slider bracelets will come to your rescue.

Rose gold bracelets

Rose gold is such a pretty color and so are the rose gold bracelets for women. They have an incredibly captivating aura that would make your entire look bloom up just like a full-bloomed red rose. Sporadically, the rose gold bracelets come with a diamond embedded in them which increases their charm even more. The rose gold bracelets are perfect for wedding ceremonies and date nights. Wear it and look your best!

White gold bracelets

White gold bracelets

Do you have any white gold jewelry in your collection yet? If not, go and get yourself a breathtaking white gold bracelet for women now! These bracelets look just like platinum but are an alloy of gold and nickel. However, that does not undermine its goodness in any way. White gold bracelets are in trend currently, go and get your bracelet now!

How to pick the best gold bracelet?

If you are keen on picking the best gold bracelet, firstly check on the purity of the material. It is best if you purchase your gold brace from a reputable brand or store. Next up, look for the design and size of the bracelet. You should not buy anything so that you have to regret it later. At last, check on the price. If it falls in your budget range, you are good to go!

Is it okay to sleep with gold bracelets?

Firstly bracelets made up of gold are not at all fragile but sturdy. They can handle a little bit of movement yet make sure not to be hard on your gold bracelet because nothing on this planet is indestructible. Secondly, gold is said to have healing properties and wearing gold while sleeping is considered to prevent the black energies from entering your body. So, yes you can sleep with golden bangles.

Is it okay to wear gold bracelets in the pool?

When speaking of water damage, gold has a quite impressive record. Normally gold does not undergo water damage even if it is exposed to salty water. However, your favorite gold bracelet can get corroded if exposed to hot water or chlorine. Avoid wearing gold ornaments to pools and showers if you want to retain their shine throughout your lifetime.


Gold jewelry is undoubtedly gorgeous. It is impossible to deny that wearing gold jewelry adds a whole new level of royalty and ethnicity. Though you would get countless options of materials to pick from, adorning your hands with delicate and elegant gold bracelets would be the best thing to do. There are multiple types of gold bracelets for women, surf through this article and embrace your favorite one!

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