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7 Platforms Where you can Buy Septum Jewelry

Septum jewelry has regained a huge population in today’s social media era. While old generations considered this to be a pretty rare aesthetic choice for the urban population, these days, more and more people are looking for false as well as actual septum jewelry. This jewelry can easily be found in high-end to budget versions. High-end versions which use real gold and silver are great for beginners as these will not cause infections to your newly pierced Septum.

As time goes on, however, you might want to experiment with smaller creators and their budget-friendly septum jewelry. Like most commodities, this exotic jewelry has also flooded online platforms recently. And yet many buyers report having trouble locating just the perfect store for their Septum jewelry and accessories shopping.

Buying jewelry online means you will have all the necessary documents for sale and inspection and return options without leaving your house. Before choosing that perfect septum ring, let us look at all the platforms you need to explore.

Seven incredible septum jewelry-making and selling platforms online

It is indeed so possible for you to now explore international Septum piercing jewelry designs on our national Jewelry making and selling platforms. Which ones of these have you already bought? Which ones have really captivated you? What has been your experience so far?

Let us know how far you have come in your septum-piercing journey.


Now technically, this is not an online store. It is a well-known platform where you can find, well, everything. But that is exactly why this platform will be so helpful for you when you are looking for your perfect septum jewelry 16g.

It is because Etsy is the home for many budding creators who do not have their own platform yet. This way, you can explore and support young artists while they make for you the most unique and affordable septum ring ever.

Buddha Jewelry

A coming and gentle presence, this online platform creates premium quality septum jewelry that often includes gold, white gold, and diamonds as a part of their design styles. Create nickel-free biocompatible jewelry that is great for everyday wear.

Their motto is to create jewelry that inspires your spirit and is founded on the unity of all diverse cultures and communities around the world. Shopping with this platform is of great joy since they contribute to charitable organizations and communities around the globe with every purchase of Mandala jewelry.

Tulsi Body Jewelry

It is an underrated jewelry platform that houses an unending collection of gold septum jewelry among silver, wood, ivory, tusk, and other varieties. The collections it displays come in the largest possible difference in price range, with a starting at $10 and an ending at $200.

They include all kinds of materials, including 14-carat gold to custom jewelry and shells. They have discounts and rewards for most purchases and an offline store on Harvard Avenue. So, this platform could be a win-win option for you.


It has to be the most affordable online jewelry platform in the US. This website sells jewelry in bulk, which means you might end up with more than one piece of each piece of jewelry, but usually, they come in sets of many different designs, and you have to purchase the entire set. This jewelry website sells custom jewelry with surgical Steel as a material that you should look for if you have a sensitive skin type and can get infections easily.


An edgy website with a great delivery policy, this is a platform where you can find Septum rings starting from $3. They have a number of options, including ethnic tribal jewelry, horseshoe rings, balls and ends, clickers, bent barbells, etc. Their jewelry is made of premium quality materials and includes high-quality rhinestone additions as well. They are a brand specializing in studio work, permanent makeup, body jewelry, tattooing, and much more.


Another online platform specializing in body jewelry has Septum rings of unique styles and designs starting from $5. This brand believes in incorporating all kinds of premium quality materials, from 14-carat gold to electroplated and brass jewelry. You should also go straight to this website if you want to buy that septum jewelry that is highly trending – like the ones that go viral on TikTok, for example. They have crystal and gemstone-inspired Septum as well as black matte rings.


This online platform seriously makes purchasing septum jewelry quite easy because of its great e-commerce interface. You can segregate your septum jewelry based on rings, studs, clickers, L-shaped hoops, etc. You can further segregate and salt your options using the material, gemstone, metal color, price range, and gauge filtering options. It means you can even select a nose ring that is of a quote thickness for you.


These were the best-underrated septum jewelry platforms that are a must exploration for all septum jewelry enthusiasts. On the other hand, it will be an equally fascinating experience to go around town and look for all the Jewellery making shops and boutiques which do not have an online platform yet. You can easily do this by searching the web for septum jewelry near me to get the contact information of these stores. Alternatively, you can go on a jewelry boutique hunt and enjoy what you find.

Believe us, it might be a life-changing experience in its own right.

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