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What Kind of Necklace is Good to go With a Black Saree?

A black saree is something that gives you a lot to play with jewelry. If you manage to style your accessories the right way, no one can stop you from being an absolute eye-catcher. Thus, your style statement is greatly dependent upon how you compliment your clothing with your jewelry. People these days have developed a high fondness for a silver necklace to couple with their black sarees. So, in this article, we tell you how you can decide what kind of necklace we’ll go the best with a black saree.

Why worry when wearing a black saree?

For some, black is the color of confidence, sophistication, strong personality, and professionalism. And probably that is the reason why people love the color black. For women, saree is their favorite ethnic wear. And when it comes to wearing a black saree everyone wants to look like the showstopper. Does the next worry lie in the fact that what you are going to wear with that picture-perfect black saree of yours? Though black blends effortlessly with anything you wish to style it with, and there are ample options to choose from, if not properly matched it might turn into a fashion disaster. However, this can be saved in time!

The solution is simple. Just know what is best for the particular type of saree you are wearing. Depending upon the works and designs of your saree, wisely choose the jewels, and yes! Now you are ready to rock the floor.

What jewels would fit the best with your favorite black saree?

Now there lies another problem – It is not always possible to buy different ornaments every time you think of wearing your black saree. Not only would that be a time-consuming case you have less time in hand but also be costly. But we are here to make sure that you don’t face this problem. We have listed below some gold as well as silver necklace options that are readily available to almost everyone and you will thus not have to step outside to get any of them. So without wasting time, let’s style!

Oxidized silver necklace

An oxidized silver necklace is everyone’s favorite these days. Irrespective of what you’re wearing whether western or ethnic outfit it goes well giving off an elegant feel with anything without any difficulties. And with a back saree? A black saree and an oxidized silver necklace are a deadly match. They compliment black saree like no other.

Look you can try

A contrasting shaded draping taffeta blouse, and an elegant black saree, pair that with a long silver necklace and a clutch! You are ready to give off a unique and sophisticated vibe. Rock on baby!

White gold necklaces

Even before these modern sophisticated styles of necklaces came, gold was the first and the most creative one which has the longest bond with sarees. Be it yellow or white gold necklaces, gold as a whole never fails to complement and create a gorgeous look with a black saree. Gold ensures that you give off a shine when paired with black. It ensures a sophisticated traditional look with no effort.

Look you can try

look of a black saree

A white gold necklace, a sleek earring, And off-shoulder white blouse, and your all-time favorite black saree. You are done! Neither over not under just perfectly done.

Diamond choker necklace

Whenever someone wants to be absolutely elegant and attractive they opt for a diamond. And chokers absolutely add to the beauty of diamonds. There is no comparison between diamonds when it comes to beauty and show. Diamond adds a glaze that catches the gaze! Diamond gives a shine no other can.

Look you can try

A beautiful plain black saree, a spaghetti strap shiny blouse, and a diamond choker. Hey, you! Absolute stunner! Ready to lit it.

Silver choker necklace

A silver necklace is everyone’s favorite when it comes to trying a simple sober look. And chokers are like trendsetters. When it comes to pulling off a plain saree elegantly and gorgeously while having an aura of simplicity around you, a silver necklace is something people should try.

 Look you can try

A deep V neck dark shaded blouse, an elegantly sophisticated black saree, a silver tight choker, a pair of Jhumkas with a simple design with a metallic belt, and a clutch for a style statement.

Gold choker necklace

Gold is magic. Gold creates an aura whenever you wear it. Whatever you pair with gold seems to shine. And black and gold have an age-old connection. They do the magic without even realizing it. You won’t even notice but all the eyes would be on you already. However, if not properly matched then your handwork might go unnoticed. So always when wearing a gold choker necklace keep in mind the blouse you are wearing with it.

Look you can try

A V-neck red blouse, a simple black saree, and a gold choker necklace. You know what, your partner will not be able to take his eyes off you.

Butterfly gold necklace

By now you already know the significance of what gold plays in beautifying the look of a black saree. Whatever you try gold is going to absolutely make you look like a stunner. This butterfly gold necklace will give you every sense of this word. This elegant piece has a vintage unique charm. This is something there for all ages.

Look you can try

You can try a boat neck blouse, a butterfly gold necklace with your black saree and yes you’re ready to be the showstopper!


One should never go wrong while styling themselves with a black saree. Now that you know how you can amplify the beauty of your black saree by coupling it up with some of the best gold and silver necklace options.

The next time You are invited to a party with your friends and family definitely try inculcating these into your style statement and see how people will be awestruck by looking at your beauty and elegance. Get ready to rock the stage in no time.

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