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 Flower Rings: Never Fading Jewelry Design

Designing floral motifs in jewelry-making has been practiced since ancient times. A flower ring is one of the most tempting items among them. Nature has been inspiring jewelry designers through her richness in the number of various flowers.

Each flower has its type of beauty in the shape of petals, colors, and structures, and these varieties influence jewelry designers in making different types of flower rings.

History of flower rings

If we go through the history of flower rings, we can see that all varieties have been tremendously popular in the form of rings, earrings, chains, etc.

1. Georgian era (1715 – 1835)

In the later Georgian era, it was witnessed that floral motifs became more famous for ring designs. The metals used were generally gold and silver. Floral rings at that time resembled a romantic act. Therefore, these handcrafted rings were not very refined. That is why they do not look realistic.

2. Victorian era (1835 – 1900)

This era focused more on the detailing of the designs. From this era-specific, flowers started bearing specific meanings. In the Victorian era, people have seen bold, romantic, feminine designs and exquisite craftsmanship.

Also, couples and lovers were more enlivened by the nature-inspired designs and floral patterns that conveyed the unique message of emotion and love.

Further, the Victorian era can be classified into three parts, i.e., the Early, Middle, and Late Victorian eras.

3. Art Nouveau era jwellery (1880 – 1910)

With the help of advanced technology and manufacturing, the designers of the Art Nouveau style have come with meticulous artistry. In this era, designers mostly used gold, silver, and gemstones to make light, soft, and romantic jewelry in the form of flowers.

Besides, in this era, people have seen curvy and whimsical designs inspired by Japanese Art that was used on flowers like fuchsias, water lilies, etc.

4. Edwardian era ( 1901 – 1915)

Queen Victoria’s death brought the Edwardian Jewelry era over in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In this era, flower diamond rings and platinum rings became so popular and ubiquitous for their graceful, light, and sophisticated designs.

In the Edwardian era, designers started heat high enough to make favorite flower rings like laurel wreaths and garlands of flowers. This era is also recognizable because of using cluster settings for making eccentric flower motifs designs.

5. Art Deco style era ( 1915 – 1935)

Probably the most reverent jewelry era in the history of the floral ring is the Art Deco era. In this era, you can see bold, symmetrical, colorful, and more masculine designs that inspire much of today’s modern jewelry.

During the Art Deco era, designers used white gold and platinum as metals, and emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies were highly preferred gemstones. The jewelry of this era is consistent and uniform for using more futuristic motifs.

6. Retro jewelry era ( 1935 – 1950)

In the Retro Jewelry era, the designers had done everything on a grand scale. From big chunky flower rings articulated in petals and leaves to heavy decorative necklaces, bracelets blossomed everywhere.

This jewelry was vastly different from any other era. The designs definitely look bolder, more innovative, and more vibrant. However, at some point, they are less realistic.

7. Mid – Century to the modern era (1950 – till now)

If we discuss the jewelry of the mid-century, then the style was open, textural, and airy. The designers started to emphasize floral rings with gemstones, and we can say that floral ring designs have evolved and become more realistic in this era.

However, in the modern era, you can see progressive touch and contemporary thinking in all jewelry, such as pandora flower rings, floral engagement rings, etc. In addition, all the classic jewelry pieces have their flare of modern sophistication.

Many colorful gemstones like Jade, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, etc., are being used in making the different designs of flower rings.

8. Significance of flowers in rings:

Plumeria cluster diamond rings, dahlia, lotus, blooming rose, and many more are trendy flower ring designs; popular jewelry brands are designing them. Even a single petal design can be attractive. It has been believed from ancient days that Flowers bear a secret language. Different flowers have different symbols, such as:

Rose and Tulip resemble “love.”

Lilies are a symbol of “purity.”

Orange blossoms are “everlasting love.”

Forget-me-nots are for “memories.”

Pansies are for “think of me.”

Ivy represents “fidelity.”

Sunflowers are for “good luck.”

Daisies symbolize “hope.”

Honeysuckles are “bands of love.”

Jasmine means  “sweet love.”

Lilacs for “joy of youth.”

Lotus represents “enlightenment” and “purity.”

Morning Glories for “pure affection.”

The list is never-ending, but these flower motifs are mainly preferred for flower rings.


Right now, flower rings are hot and trending styling statement jewelry. One must have a whole idea about something they are willing to buy for oneself or gift someone—these beautiful accessories, which women prefer vastly.

Now you have almost all the essential facts you need about flower rings so that you can go for it. And try to purchase flower rings made of precious and semi-precious stones from any reputable jewelry shop.

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