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Top 5 Exclusive Necklace Collections of David Yurman

A necklace is a part of jewelry to wear around the neck which increases your beauty to another level. Usually, people wear them for religious, ceremonial, funerary, or magical purposes which are used as symbols of status and wealth because mainly necklaces are made of precious metal and stones.

When talking about necklaces how can we forget David Yurman’s necklaces? These stunning pieces are famous for their creative designs, unique stone cuts, and also unexpected materials such as a meteorite, forged carbon, and black titanium?

David Yurman Necklaces are one of the best necklaces in the world. So, here we are going to discuss the top 5 exclusive necklace collections of David Yurman. Excited to know more? So, let’s read.

Why do people love to wear David Yurman’s jewelry?

This 77-year-old American designer has been making some extraordinary pieces starting from bracelets to earrings. His collection has some designs that will work for every occasion from chic to cocktail and casual to corporate. He always made his pieces of jewelry with a classic American sensibility that is always new and trendy, and never goes out of fashion.

Aaahh! How can we forget those timeless Swiss timepieces he has made that come with a link bracelet.

The 5 Exotic Collections of David Yurman Necklaces

As we have already that David Yurman’s necklaces are in great demand because of their quality and design, so it would be difficult to choose any one of them while buying. But with proper research, we have managed to shortlist the top 5 collections. Here we go.

David Yurman Cross Necklace

David Yurman’s Cross Necklace is one of the most interesting kinds of necklace designs made by him. It puts a cross sign in the middle which looks more exotic and helps someone to make it more gorgeous.

And the good part is that it stands for both David Yurman men’s necklace and David Yurman necklace women. Some of the cross necklaces are made of gold and diamonds and the creativeness of David Yurman makes the necklace look more attractive.

David Yurman’s initial necklace

Are you looking for the best quality initial necklaces?, Then here it is.  David Yurman’s iconic Cable motif delightfully adorns a universal symbol or shape, creating a modern talisman that is meant to be collected, combined, and treasured. It takes special care to clean it with a soft cloth, and mild diluted soap.

Rinse with warm water and dry and abrasive cleaners, steamers or ultrasonic machines should be avoided and after that, it is ready to be stored in a jewelry pouch. With this piece, you are ready to rock on the floor.

David Yurman starburst necklace

One day when Sybil (David’s wife) and David Yurman were watching fireworks in the Paris night sky, then they got the idea of starburst Necklaces. The mystical bursts of light sprinkling the Tuileries Garden and Eifel Tower greatly moved Sybil and that also inspired David to create designs of brilliant star motifs.

The concept of Starbust is a star in the middle of a necklace which increases its creative value. Like the other David Yurman necklaces, it is also made of precious metals.

David Yurman heart necklace

David Yurman’s heart necklaces are one of his most selling products. The heart necklace always symbolizes love and the things related to it fashionably. Its designs are pretty simple and look very splendid on anyone. Thus, everyone likes to wear it so much.

Also as we know David Yurman provides the best quality metals and stones on its necklaces such as 18k yellow gold, diamonds, sterling silvers, etc. Therefore, it is very good to see they don’t have any kind of bad reputation in the market.  If you want my opinion then I will suggest you buy it for your loved ones. It is the best way to express your love.

David Yurman pearl necklace

If you are looking for that one pearl necklace that will complement you in every manner, then David Yurman Pearl Necklaces are the one you should go for. Pearl is a versatile piece that can make you classy, sassy, and a bit edgy.

Usually,  women love to wear this to increase their beauty and to show their status in ceremonies. But this expensive piece requires special care.  You need to clean or wipe your necklace after every wear with soft cotton clothes. It is instructed not to use any harsh chemicals while cleaning it.


Necklaces are everyone’s favorite piece. If you want to attend a wedding ceremony or an office party, a piece of gold, silver, or diamond necklace is something that can be worn with any outfit. And if it’s from David Yurman’s necklaces, then a buyer thinks about what to buy or what to buy not. Necklaces have a great demand in the fashion industry, so we can expect with time they won’t fade away.

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