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What kind of Jhumkas should I wear with Indian Traditional Outfit?

Who isn’t a big fan of the gorgeous and dramatic Indian earrings aka the jhumkas? Are you looking forward to attending a much-awaited Indian wedding ceremony? Or is your upcoming family function demanding you to look your best? You can personalize your traditional Indian look gorgeously by selecting the right jhumkas. In this article, we will share with you the best Indian jhumkas that you can style with your traditional outfit. So, hurry up, and start reading this article now!

Get to Know More About Jhumkas

Now, many of you might confuse jhumkas with ordinary earrings but that’s not the case! Jhumkas are specifically traditional Indian earrings originating from the Mughal Empire. The main attraction of the jhumkas is its bell shape. The size and design of the jhumkas differ all over India. Whenever you have a grand Indian occasion to attend to, the jhumkas are the best option for earrings to go for. Besides India, people of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc are also very fond of wearing jhumkas.

What are the various kinds of jhumkas?

People all over the world know that India is famous for its diversity. This diversity of India is not only limited to its physical features and political domains but also every aspect of life including the Indian ornaments. Though collectively Indian jhumkas refer to bell-shaped earrings there is variety too. In this way, the traditional jhumkas are also full of diversity. Come and check out the most popular types of jhumka earrings design that can go flawlessly with every traditional Indian outfit.

The classic gold jhumkas

The classic gold jhumkas are the most common yet popular type of jhumka earrings that you can ever find. These jhumka earrings gold come with timeless classic beauty and can be worn almost on every occasion be it a simple occasion or something grand. Usually, the gold jhumkas are heavily weighted and worn mostly by married women. However, teenage girls are also fond of gold earrings and jhumka designs for their classic and elegant look. The next time you visit an Indian wedding ceremony, the gold jhumkas should undoubtedly be on your list of ornaments!

The eco-friendly terracotta jhumkas

Are you a little puzzled to learn that eco-friendly jhumkas exist too? The terracotta jhumka earrings are both eco-friendly and skin-friendly making them one of the most exquisite choices. These incredible traditional jhumkas are crafted with immense love and dedication by skilled craftsmen of India. You can find these earrings primarily on the outskirts of the country where villagers often set up village fairs and exhibitions. The jhumka earrings design of the terracotta jhumkas is numerous starting from flowers, animals, gods, goddesses, temples, etc. Wear the terracotta skin-friendly jhumkas to look more Indian than ever!

The silver and pearl jhumkas

Silver and pearls when paired together look godly! The combination of the sparkling silver with the dreamy white pearls looks undoubtedly amazing! You can wear pearl and silver jhumka earrings to almost every event as these earrings are filled with both elegance and sophistication. Women mainly prefer to wear these jhumka earrings to office parties, brunch meetings, casual outings, vacations, and family get-togethers. Mostly these jhumkas are slightly lighter compared to the gold earing jhumkas.

The floral-designed jhumkas

Are you seeking a more playful and vibrant look? Why not try the designer floral jhumkas? Though jhumkas mainly carry a traditional look, the floral jhumkas have a touch of modernity. These jhumkas are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and the main concept is a bell hanging from a flower. Now, the color, design, and size of the flower can be personalized according to your wish. If you are keener on investing in some versatile, light weighted, and easy-to-wear jhumkas, the designer floral ones are undoubtedly the one for you.

Do long jhumkas go well with sarees?

long jhumkas

The saree is almost like the national dress of India. You will hardly witness an Indian event devoid of ladies draped in breathtakingly beautiful sarees. Do you love to wear a saree too? If yes, why not style it with the perfect set of jhumkas? The long jhumka earrings would go perfectly with your saree look. Whether you prefer to go fully traditional or you feel the urge to steal the spotlight with a bright-hued modern chiffon saree, don’t forget to wear your long jhumkas. The long jhumkas would fascinatingly compliment your saree look which the short jhumkas would not be able to do. If you like short or small jhumkas, ditch the idea of wearing a saree and switch to salwar and Kurtis as they would blend along perfectly.

What are the best jhumkas to wear with lehengas?

Besides sarees, lehengas are another important Indian attire that has a great fanbase among the young women crowd of India. Hoop big jhumka earrings, chandbali jhumkas and stone plated jhumkas would go best with anarkalis and lahengas. Nowadays, people prefer to wear pastel-hued jhumka earrings with their outfits to create a more aesthetic look.

Closing notes

Make your traditional Indian look more Indian by adding some beautiful jhumka earrings to your ears. Jhumkas are the perfect piece of jewelry to mold in every Indian look. The next time you get ready for an Indian event and get confused about choosing the right jhumka earring to match your look, you know which article to look for the reference!

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