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The Reason Behind Wearing Gauge Earrings

Do you crave to learn more about ear stretching? This article has got you all covered. Learn about the reason behind wearing gauge earrings and more relatable information in this article. So, get to reading now!

Why do people go for ear stretching?

Do you know what ear stretching is in reality? If not, worry not! Come and take a deeper look and learn about ear stretching in detail right now! Stretching the earlobe to create a space between wearing gaugers or earings is termed ear stretching.

Some people stretch their ears solely for appearance purposes. On the other hand, others do it for various cultural and historical significances and traditions.

What gauge are earrings?

It is an instrument used to expand the size of the hole in the earlobe efficiently. The concept of gauges is a little confusing to many. Because people often mistake earplugs for gauges. The gauge size can differ anywhere from 2cm to 16cm depending upon the size of the earlobe.

The ear stretching using the gauges is carried out in a synchronized manner. For example, if you desire to go for a size of 16cm you will need to go for a 2cm gauge first. You can then proceed to the next level by using a 4cm gauge. By giving a one-month interval between each gauger you can ultimately wear the cm 16 gauge earrings successfully. This per will increase the size of your earhole step by step.

You should also remember that once an ear gauge performs its function, that is expands the hole in the earlobe, it cannot be brought back to its original shape or size.

What is the significance of ear gauges?

There are various cultural reasons associated with the wearing of gauged earrings. These gauges were regarded as a symbolic representation of the tribe or clan from which an individual belonged. Each clan had different designs of gauges for ears that alienated one clan from another. You can also refer to these gauges as symbols of distinction.

What are the various sizes of ear gauges?

The gauge earring sizes vary greatly. The gauges used for ear stretching are available in the following sizes:

  • 2cm
  • 4cm
  • 6cm
  • 8cm
  • 10cm
  • 12cm
  • 14cm
  • 16cm

Among the above-mentioned sizes, 2cm is the smallest or you can also say it is the beginning size with 16cm being the largest size.

Are fake ear gauges worth trying?

Do you want to get the look of fake gauges without going for ear stretching in reality? You can undoubtedly do that using fake ear gauges. Now, what are fake gauge earrings?

They are nothing but regular earrings that comes in the shape of gauges. Now, what’s the specialty of these fake gauges? You can wear them whenever you desire. Changing the fake gauges is also not a hard task to do and most importantly, if you wish to change them, you can do that anytime.


But, if you go for real gauges, you will have to wait for months to change the size of the ear lobe to change the gauge. There are multiple amazing designs of fake gauges available on the web. You can surf through any potential site to get a hold of the most exclusive designs of this type of earrings available online.

Is ear stretching injurious to health?

People often propagate a misconception that ear stretching is injurious to health but in reality, it is not. Ear stretching when done with caution and proper hygiene will never be injurious to health. However, if proper hygiene or caution is not maintained while performing it, your earlobe can get affected by various infections.

Is ear stretching reversible?

Most certainly not. Ear stretching is not reversible until and unless you stretch your earlobes below the scale of 6cm. After this point, earlobes can be brought back to their normal shape and size only by inducing surgical operations. Without surgical procedures, ear stretching cannot be reversed. So no, ear streching is irreversible.

Closing notes

In conclusion, ear stretching is a modification that your body can undergo either for decorative purposes or traditional reasons.

So, if you wish to wear it follow all the above-mentioned instructions to carry out safe ear stretching. Also, if you want to simply try out the fake gauges for ears, go through the given information about gauges earrings in the article for your assistance.

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