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6 Kandi Bracelet Ideas – Yes! They are Back

Kandi bracelets are those accessories that people growing up in the early 2000 will never be able to forget. They won an inspiration behind many mainstream jewelry accessories, including men’s everyday jewelry, friendship bands, Valentine’s Day bracelets, and so much more.

Early 2000 was all about inexpensive accessorization, which took inspiration from teenagers’ colorful and cheerful life.

They are made up of beautiful, great quality bracelets taken as inspiration from ethnic jewelry from Hawaii and a bit from South Asia. In fact, there is a large variety available in the Kandi bracelet designs

Now that Kandi Bracelet is definitely becoming a staple in everyday accessorization, which ones of these should you add to your bracelet collection?

We have brought for you six unparalleled Kandi bracelet ideas that are rocking 2022 as much as they did 2002.

6 Kandi bracelets that you need to add to your collection

Every 2000 baby knows that Kandi bracelets are huge collectibles. As children, we would wear multiple of them all over our forearms. And that is the true spirit of how these bracelets are to be worn still. So, which should you definitely check out?

Pride Kandi bracelets

If there is one proud addition to the world of Kandi bracelets that every one of us should be joyful about, it is the pride Kandi bracelet. Pride Kandi bracelets are not just for pride month; they are beautiful bracelets in different fascinating palettes that represent the whole of the LGBTQ flag or of any identity that comes under this umbrella.

These are so popular and whole that designers and creators have started adding fun little twists to them, which you must see for yourself.

Red Kandi bracelets

The Rave Kandi bracelet has revived again with great enthusiasm, and with it has risen the popularity of the red Kandi bracelet again. The red Kandi bracelet is probably one of the most popular colors in this genre.

Over the years, they have been widely adopted by followers of very different aesthetic styles – the hippie style, the goth and grunge style, hard-core ravers, and at times even followers of a traditional or ethnic fashion niche.

Kandi bracelets in pastel shades

Another kind of bracelet that has really made itself popular in recent years is the Kandi bracelet in pastel shades. These bracelets are simply made out of beads of various color tones from a certain pastel hue.

If you have a timid aesthetic sense, or even what we popularly call in this decade light academia or Cottagecore aesthetic, you really need to try out the pastel bracelets of blue, pink, green, and brown.

DIY Kandi bracelet

Kandi bracelets are, by nature, made to be more accessible to youngsters as fashion accessories. The baby became popular in an error where alternatives to high-end fashion were actively being popularized.

It means there is probably nothing little more significant than making your own DIY bracelet when it comes to Kandi. Kandi bracelets are made out of sustainable beads, and you can procure them from the market.

Then you can mix and match these bracelet beats together according to your requirements and create a unique and customized bracelet.

Kandi bracelets with letters

Talking about customized bracelets, how can we forget the Kandi bracelet that came with those little beads on which letters were written? These lettered beads were strung together to create any and every word according to the customer’s requirement.

You could make your bracelet say your name, say generic things like friends forever, string out customized quotes that define you, and even write words that have no meaning to others except for you and the person receiving your gift.

How to make Kandi bracelets at home?

Making Kandi bracelets at home virtually needs no tools and a set of very simple raw materials. This set includes an array of authentic Kandi bracelet beads that match the design that you want to turn into reality.

Besides the beads, you need an elastic string and any hook you might fancy. You can make the entire bracelet with your hands and use anything lying around in the house to attach the hooks If it is impossible to do it without assistance. Exactly, It is actually that simple to make these bracelets ourselves!

How to tie Kandi bracelets?

Kandi bracelet with two threads at both sides, which can be tied together to make the bracelet with your wrist. There are many beautiful ways in which you can tie a Kandi bracelet.

  • The first way, of course, is the classic bow. Tying your Kandi bracelet in a bow pattern is a sophisticated and timeless way.
  • Another way to tie your Kandi bracelet is to wrap the strings around your wrist before tying them together. This way, your bracelet looks more layered and thick.
  • The last and most popular way to tie your Kandi bracelet is to cross the threads with another candy bracelet and tie them all together. Sometimes wearers create an entire chain of Kandi bracelet strings to give it a put-together effect.

How to make a Kandi cuff bracelet?

The best thing about Kandi bracelets is that you can easily make them at home. Cuff bracelets look great and are customized by the nature of their size. What if you could make beautiful and sustainable bracelets at a nominal price while adding your own custom choices to them?

  • The primary step is to make the design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it and full field all your dreams on a small scale with your first homemade Kandi bracelet.
  • Choose the beads. Many people will try to sell you plastic beads in the name of Kandi. Kandi beads, however, are sustainable and made from natural items.
  • You will also need other items like strings and cuff hooks to facilitate the cuff bracelet’s joining point. These together will constitute your raw materials.
  • The next step is soothing and therapeutic. You have to cut the string to a size that will fit your wrist perfectly and then string the beads according to your design one by one slowly.
  • Once the beads have been strung together, seal the ends of the string and add the cuff hooks.
  • Now try it on and make any changes, if required, where you have your homemade Kandi cuff bracelet.


Kandi bracelets are creative, artistic, and vibrant. Their aesthetic has seeped into the lives of every adventurous, spiritual and musical person.

If your sense of style deeply correlates with any of these, chances are you have been looking for the perfect Kandi bracelet patterns for quite a while. I hope this article was helpful to you and that your wrist will be packed with sustainable jewelry very soon.

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