16 Inch vs 18 Inch Necklace

16 Inch vs 18 Inch Necklace- Which one Should I choose?

Do you prefer the 16-inch necklace to adorn your neck? Or are you keener on elegant 18-inch necklaces? Or are you perplexed between the two? Come, let’s take you on a quick tour of the world of dazzling neckpieces! Get ready to know the necklace length suitable for you with this article. Let’s begin.

Let’s get it straight, the topic of 16-inch vs 18-inch necklaces has always been a debate material among fashionistas. Some prefer the 16-inch bold chokers, while some are crazy for the elegant 18-inch neckpieces. What is your pick in the 16 vs 18-inch necklace controversy? If you do not know about it yet, take this article tour to be well aware of this long-term necklace controversy.

How long is a 16-inch necklace?

 A 16-inch necklace is, is a choker-like necklace that sticks comfortably to your neck and fits astonishingly at the base of your neck, making your neck look sharply defined. The 16-inch necklace length is more popular among the young teenager crowd, who find it extremely stylish and attractive. The 14-inch choker necklaces might not be that comfortable for you.

It would stick very tightly on your neck, making you feel extremely uncomfortable. But, do not worry, you won’t have to give up on your desire to wear stylish chokers. The astonishing 16 inches necklace would come to your rescue and will fit just rightly!

What are the options available for 16-inch neckpieces?

You’d get all the astonishing varieties of necklaces for this length. Suppose you are foraging for something glittery and golden, opt for the royal 16-inch gold necklace. The golden necklaces of this length are extremely sophisticated and attractive. Wear the 16-inch golden necklace to elevate your overall look incredibly. Or, if you want to adorn yourself with beautiful and delicate pearls, go for the pretty 16-inch pearl necklace. You can even try the vibrant and gorgeous 16-inch gemstone necklaces to create a colorful new style statement.

What are the face shapes suitable for necklaces of 16 inches?

golden necklaces

16 inched necklaces would wonderfully complement face shapes such as hearts, diamonds, and ovals. It makes the face look more defined and sharp. Some additional tips for you, wear this necklace with deep necklines such as a gown and party wear for some extra glamour.

Though whatever your face shape or dress may be, if you desire to wear necklaces of 16-inch length you should go for it!

How long is an 18-inch necklace?

Now that you know about the necklaces of 16 inches, it’s time for you to get a clear idea of the 18-inch necklaces. As you can guess by the name, the 18-inch necklaces are just 2 cm lengthier than the 16-inch ones. The 18 inches sit gracefully on the collarbone, prettifying your entire look. Necklaces of this length are preferred by women, no matter what their age may be.

What are the options available for 18-inch necklaces?

Just like the 16 inched necklaces, you will get endless options for the 18-inched necklaces too. Do you care to go classy crystal? Then opt for the 18-inch crystal necklaces to get that extra dazzle! How about some solid silver chain? Does that interest you?

Try the 18-inch silver necklace to create a bold style statement. A 14k gold 18-inch semi-solid Figaro chain necklace is a wonderful choice too! Gold always flatters! If you want to get that elegant and flattering look for your next outing, definitely give the 18-inch gold necklace a try. You won’t be disappointed at all. You can even add a cute pendant to add extra charm to your look.

What are the face shapes suitable for necklaces of 16 inches?

There’s wonderful news for all the 18-inch necklace fans, regardless of what your face shape may be, you can wear this necklace undoubtedly. The 18-inch necklace length is flawless for every face type and shape! Be it round, heart, oval, etc., just go for it! Moreover, you can carry it gracefully with every type of dress such as casuals, party wear, beachwear, etc.

Which one should I choose?

Making the correct length of the necklace can lift your overall appearance. It adds glamour to your outfit and is the focal point of the entire look.

Therefore, it is essential to make the right choice of length for the necklace. It should complement your outfit look and get you your desired outcome. In determining the right choice, you should consider several factors like height, neck size, face shape, etc.

Three significant factors are 


If you are below or around 5’4″, you can try any range between 16 to 20 inches in length. It would preferably suit you. If you are somewhat 5’4″ or above, any necklace size will fit your neck. Longer chains of 18 inches would look great on anybody above 5’4”.

Neck size

We know that you only sometimes have time to measure the size of your neck before you go and purchase a necklace. If you have a little time in hand, consider counting this factor.

If you are searching for something that ideally serves the purpose of a lovely pretty choker, the 16-inch necklace is one of the most magnificent choices for you. While if you are searching for something to which you can attach a beautiful pendant or a name-imprinted necklace, 18 inches chain is the most considered choice among women.

Choker’s necklaces are perfect for people with long necks.

Face Shape

A proper choice of the length of the necklace also helps amplify your face’s beauty. Thus, it should be chosen according to the framework and shape of your face. Chokers are often to be avoided by people with round faces.

Oval shape faced people effortlessly slay either side of the necklace! Short and medium lengths between 16 and 18 inches are the perfect choice for long-shaped looks. For heart shape-faced people, the most preferred option is the 16-inch length.

How to decide?

If you are wearing a deep V-neck top with pretty blue denim jeans, a sophisticated 16-inch necklace would be a great choice.

If you want to treat your look with beautiful and delicate pearls, go for the pretty 16-inch pearl necklace for your official first date.

You can even try the vibrant and gorgeous 16-inch gemstone necklaces to create a colorful new style statement and show your partner that you can slay in anything and everything!

If you go for a coated dress or a coat, a choker-styled 16-inch necklace will look stunning.

Whatever your face shape or dress, if you desire to wear necklaces of 16-inch length, you should go for it!

On the other hand, if you wish to achieve the perfect professional look or have an office meeting and look sober and chic with a blazer, the 18-inch thickness with a small, simple pendant can create an aura of professionalism and beauty around you.

If it is a night party, or a dinner date, wearing a sleek dress, the 18th Inch length will undoubtedly make you stand out among the rest.

Suppose you go out for a casual get-together with your friends, wearing pretty simple and comfortable trousers and a top.

In that case, an 18 inches long neckpiece is the ideal accessory to complement the overall look.


Now it is your turn to pick between the 16 or 18-inch necklace. Every necklace is equally pretty regardless of its size. But, you should know the length appropriate for you. Follow the style guide provided in this article to stand out among the crowd!

Find out your ideal necklace length and make every pair of eyes stare back at you. We hope that this was helpful. If you like it, share it with your female friends, sister, and every other woman on your list so they can style these necklaces correctly.


How about a 17-inch necklace?

If you want to try something novel instead of the 16 and 18 inched necklaces, why don’t you try the 17-inch necklace? The necklaces of this length sit wonderfully between the base of the neck and the collarbone. This style is just perfect to bring you out of the regular blues. Now, the choice is yours. Choose between the 16 17 or 18-inch necklace, or just try each one of them to know what’s best for you!

What is the ideal necklace length?

There are various sizes of necklaces available such as 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, etc. However, the 18-inch necklaces are a perfect fit for every face shape, type, and length. This length of necklace sits on the collarbone of the neck and is more comfortable than necklaces of shorter length. You can wear anything you want, this necklace length can complement your look gracefully.

Are 16-inch necklaces very short?

The 16-inch necklaces are more like choker necklaces. They sit at the base of the neck. They are much longer and more comfortable compared to the 14-inch choker necklaces. If you wish to go with deep neckline dresses, the 16-inch necklaces are a perfect fit. They would beautifully compliment your look.

Are 18-inch necklaces suitable for diamond-shaped faces?

The 18-inch necklaces are suitable for the face shape every time. If you have an oval, rectangular, round, diamond, peer, or any other face shape, you can surely go with the 18-inch necklace. Moreover, there are no style restrictions you need to follow with this length. You can wear anything you want to, an 18-inch necklace would do wonders

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