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Choose The Best 21 Stylish White Gold Necklace

Jewelry itself is anyone’s best friend. Technology has made jewelry accessible to anyone today and it is possible to own multiple, exquisite pieces without emptying one’s pockets. Are you now looking for a simple yet chic white gold necklace piece that will steal the show?

Well, white gold is one such premium material that is a delight for anyone to wear and keep. They are lightweight, look flawless, and are safe for all skin types. White gold necklaces are hugely popular, then, and no doubt are being churned out in every possible design. In this article, we have covered 21 exquisite white gold necklace designs that will suit one and all. Take a look, here you go!

White Gold Diamond Cross Necklace

Diamond crosses are everyone’s favorite. What if you could get that heavenly pairing of sparkling diamonds with untarnished white gold? Well you can, in the religious white gold diamond cross necklace, that serves both as a symbol of faith harmony and good aesthetic taste. If you pair it with a black or red saree, then your partner will not be going to take his eyes off you.

White Gold Pendant

The white gold pendant necklace has taken over Pinterest and Instagram, from simple to baffling designs of pendants, all crafted with unprecedented detailing and tact. Cameras, flowers, unicorns, abstract sculpting – there is nothing that doesn’t sit on these chains. This pendant will bring such a glimmer to your neckline. You can pair it with a V-neckline or with an off-shoulder piece.

Heart Necklace

Who would not love a white gold heart necklace on a special occasion? Is there any better way to gift your loved one a 14K white gold necklace in any better, more practical manner? White gold today is what diamonds and platinum have successfully been in the past; especially if you are looking for a little box of twists on a slightly strained budget.

Men’s White Gold Chain Necklace

Why should women have all the fun? Gone are the days when fashion was defined by gender norms of the giver and taker when it came to jewelry; show your man you care for his style and admire him closely for his unique sense of fashion with these unseen-before collections of men’s white gold chain necklace.

Name necklace

Name necklace

Another romantic gift is the white gold name necklace, complete with the option of getting the couple’s names engraved. If full names are impractical or over the top, you can always opt for white gold initial necklace and wear each other’s initials around your necks. And heck yeah, this fun is not just for the taken people; we from the single gang might just as well wear our own initials – it is called self-love baby!

Butterfly necklace

If any design is so wildly sought after in the genre of white gold necklace women, it is this butterfly design white gold necklace. White butterflies, colorful ones, abstract and hyper-realistic ones; we all love butterflies. They stand as a symbol of the calm psyche, intelligence, femininity, and power through grace. Who doesn’t want a necklace that says so much? Pair it with a white shirt or a deep-neck top.

White gold cross

Diamond crosses as we mentioned earlier might be a little too much, especially for devoutly religious people who seek simplicity in their ornaments. Nothing can be as simple as the petite white gold cross, both among the niches of white gold cross necklace women and white gold cross necklace men. Would you believe it, many men’s white gold necklaces with crosses are actually owned by clergymen and monks, who received them as tokens of respect from family and friends.

The special gift-Necklace


White gold necklaces are not just for ourselves, they make perfect gifts as well. Gifting gold at weddings is a custom in many cultures, and white gold is so much better for the modern woman’s practical use! A white gold diamond necklace makes for that great gift, be it a sister’s big day or your own 25 years of an awesome marriage.

White gold and pearls

Pearls and white gold

Pearls and white gold have a sensual camaraderie with each other; they make each other glow and gleam like no one else. White gold paired with pearls on a necklace may take you a bit longer to find, but that necklace white gold and all pearly will touch your complexion and your spirit in ways you cannot imagine. This always means loyalty, everlasting love, and wisdom. It could be the best gift for your loved ones.

Gemstones: Hippie

Vintage aesthetic, boho-chic aesthetic, astrological compulsions – buying jewelry does not need much of an excuse. White gold necklaces are often paired with important gemstones keeping in mind their astrological significance. Emeralds, ruby, and sapphire all look priceless upon that sparkling set of brilliant white shine. Gemstones are something that can be your everyday wear for your office, party, etc.

Yellow and white gold jewelry

Seat those two sisters together, and see the magic that unfolds! Some designers have recently decided to pair the white gold necklace with its yellow gold counterpart, coming up with fabulous visuals. White gold is also paired with rose gold and tarnished rose gold to produce a sophisticated, everyday piece of jewelry.


Men rummaging through this list still find very little to compliment themselves with. Or are you a desperate girlfriend set on buying your soulmate the absolute piece of jewelry he will keep forever? Think about his birthstone. Birthstones are individual, they tell a story. They remind the wearer of the care that went into buying them. These men’s white gold necklaces are a celebration of your man being born.

Vintage designs

Vintage-inspired designs look great with a white gold cross necklace especially since they incorporate a long, complex history of art, culture, politics, and theology within themselves. Medieval crosses and their origins have helped shape these collections and they are great if you want to detail in minimalism. Equally appealing to all genders as well as children, these designs come in various shapes and can be worn with any outfit.

Ethnic necklace sets

Ethnic jewelry is a magnificent genre, and once one has stepped into it there is literally no escape. White gold necklaces for women of ethnic varieties have been manufactured for all budget brackets, and they are inspired by ancient South Asian, South American, and African jewelry-making designs. Indian ethnic jewelry, consistently winning hearts for more than a thousand years, is a pioneer in this field of white gold art.

Choker necklace

A lot of people love the choker necklace. They are small, and chic, and give any attire a classy, put-together look. They make necks look broader and more slender. They give round faces and oval-ish shapes and help with the illusion of a sharper bone structure. No wonder then that choker styles are rapidly winning over the market. This necklace can pair with not only a saree but also with a beach dress.

Oxidized necklaces

Oxidized necklaces

Ethnic jewelry thrives on oxidized white gold today. Oxidized jewelry is darker in shade, and tarnished effectively to give it a worn-out, timeless look. They go very well with rustic colors and ambiance but are also heavily worn on festive occasions. Owning at least one set of the oxidized necklace is almost a necessity if you belong to south Asian or African cities. what matters is to invest in some good quality oxidization that keeps the value of the jewelry piece intact.

Boho crystal necklaces

Boho crystal necklaces make use of turquoise and ivory to add that little something to any necklace set. Made in accordance with astrological laws, this is another necklace for both men and women that bestows special powers on the wearer. Boho crystal necklaces often include gemstones like garnet as their stone of luck. stars, moons, and other such fun images form the body of these necklaces.

Layered necklaces

Layered or stacked necklaces consist of multiple necklaces bound together – a chain, a pendant, and across all bound together into one stack – and are mostly preferred only in the white gold material. They have been around since 2016 and are all the rage still. They especially work as the seasonal spring and summer jewelry as they happen to signify energy, enthusiasm, and fresh beginnings.

Embellished necklace

The sparkle of an embellishment correctly done is every jewelry lover’s heaven. Not quite diamonds, not quite pearly, and not quite plain, they catch the eye of every bystander when they enter the stage. Embellished necklaces often come in a set, with matching rings and earrings to complete the whole look/ embellished jewelry will never go wrong with a flattering dress and a feminine, bossy pair of heels.

Handmade necklaces

Goldsmithing is a high form of art, and that extends to white gold as well. Handmade jewelry is always good to own, especially when you know the good you do by supporting independent creators and their designs. Besides, jewelry is never meant to be mass-produced. Handmade necklaces are doubly detailed, support an unique design and come at half the price to that of the branded ones.

Custom-made necklaces– Breast Milk Pendants

Why stop at getting our names written? You can customize full-on designs to incorporate special meanings to symbolize what means the most to you and your loved ones! Partnering with independent creators for this one too is the way to go since they allow inclusion in the process of brainstorming designs and are looking forward to adding even custom art like breast milk pendants into the mix, to celebrate occasions timelessly.


A white gold necklace is a piece of jewelry that will never feel out of place. They are light yet striking, delicate yet durable. We hope you were able to choose your dream style from the comprehensive list above.

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