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7 Reasons Why To Buy A Green Jade Necklace

Necklaces have always been a staple accessory for men and women alike. History there has been no time when necklaces have not been an appreciated piece of everyday wear. More than that, they can accentuate any outfit. In many cultures, necklaces symbolize strength, vulnerability, openness, conjugal harmony, and good luck.

In our opinion, everybody needs to own a green jade necklace.

What Does A Jade Necklace Mean?

A Green jade necklace comes to symbolize many things. Crystals have several powers and jade is no exception. Primarily jade holds a significant part in the very essence of Chinese culture, it is called ‘yu’ or the precious stone. Jade minerally comprises Jadeite and Nephrite materials. Jade is found in a variety of shades, from dark green to light green, as well as a cream color, pink, purple, brown, orange, blue-black, and red. 

According to Chinese traditions, it is inside green jade symbolizes the five virtues of the human soul – courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom. Hence jade is often used as a guard against immoral thoughts and behavior. Green Jade is known to better a person’s life and future, by affecting character, dignity, and integrity in many positive ways.

Jade is mainly a symbol of peace and purity. It keeps its owner away from destructive cycles and helps them grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. Combining it with a bloodstone can help one achieve goals fast and successfully. It can be worn with many other gems and stones, incorporating in them all the jade necklace meaning. Jade is the birthstone for people born in March.

Types of a jade necklace

 jade necklace

This necklace can be found incorporated into almost all designs due to its sheer demand. There are many types of green Jade necklaces to be found in the market depending on your requirements and aesthetic sense.

The Jade Locket

Using a jade gemstone as a locket is a power move. The Jade locket has been warned by nobility throughout the world for centuries and has recently gained newfound popularity on social media like Instagram and Pinterest. The jade pendant necklace comes in minimalist, ethnic, and party-wear styles.

Boho chic style

Bohemian, Indie fashion has slowly grown to be a never-dying niche. The Bohemian aesthetic without jade is incomplete. Jade is used in almost every jewelry and accessory, including even bags and hairpins, when it comes to this aesthetic.

Ethnic wear

Jade had found its way into all Asian and South Asian designer ethnic wear. It looks great with darker shades, but can also be paired with neutrals, whites, and the lightest of blues.

Reasons to buy a jade necklace

What are the reasons could there be for buying a green Jade necklace? Well as it turns out, plenty. Here are 7 reasons to purchase it as soon as possible.

1. Aesthetically, it’s remarkably pleasing

The number one reason to buy a jade stone necklace is that you can never go wrong with it. The dimpled surface and the dynamic structure of the stone, so eye-catching yet so sophisticated, can be paired both with light and heavy outfits. Everyone looks great in green jade.

2. Real jade has astrological powers

A real Jade necklace has a number of astrological powers, ranging from wealth and health to the preservation of long-lasting love. They are preferred for both young children and adults, and this is one of the safest, most benign gems out there.

3. The jade is religious

In most cultures, green Jade is a religious symbol. As an enthusiast of religion, a jade Buddha necklace makes as much sense for you to wear as it does for your family. The Buddha necklace jade showers devotees with blessings and protection, as well as wards of demons and evil spirits.

4. It is mostly crafted and designed by small businesses

Today, only certain gemstone jewelry designing is still reserved for small businesses. The green Jade necklace happens to be one of them. When you purchase it, chances are you are supporting a team of underrated creators in their journey to master the art.

5. The Jade necklace makes for a great gift

Jade necklaces, due to their intermediate price point as well as their incredible aesthetic quality, make for a great gift on any occasion. The gold Jade necklace is a usually popular choice among the younger generation for once-in-a-lifetime occasions like marriage and childbirth. The Jade brings peace and good luck to both the receiver and the giver.

6. The green Jade will protect you while traveling

Jade necklaces have been historically worn by adventurers, nomads, and even witch practitioners because they protect the wearer in unknown lands and adverse situations. It is a great stone to wear during gardening, camping, and spending time on vacations. 

7. Jade is a stone of spring and enthusiasm

This necklace also has a season to back it up. It is the stone of new beginnings, energy, and spring. Therefore the Jade necklace is quite preferred as spring and summer seasonal jewelry. Similarly, it is the birthstone to the ones born in the months of spring and hence is encouraged as staple wear for the March babies.

What are the Best Gems to Combine Jade with?

green Jade

The green jade is a tranquil, friendly gem. It is a welcome combination with a number of Lucky stones and crystals. Mostly the beads that Jade is combined with are wooden or metal beads. When it comes to color, the green Jade goes well with other shades and gems of green and warm colors like red rose pink, and orange. It is also paired with crystals and gems of grey and aqua hues. 

Mostly, the green Jade is bad with moss agate, tree agate, citrine, smoky quartz, rose quartz, Bloodstone, Moonstone, green Jasper, red Jasper, and Tourmaline.

For young children, the green Jade is believed to promote qualities of mental and educational aptitude, as well as promise them a long life filled with good luck and ample good fortune.

How does one clean and charge the Jade?

The green Jade is quite an easy gemstone to clean. The Jade can be simply clenched with running water or by smudging with a piece of clean, gentle cloth. We can charge the Jade with the energy of both the moon and the sun, as it is a gemstone that benefits from sunlight and moonlight cleansing.

One has to leave the stone directly on the ground during sunrise and sunset because the heat and the intensity of the sun aren’t too high during this time.

To charge the Jade with the powers of the moonlight, the jade should be left on the ground right after sunset and soak the moonlight up until the first hours of sunrise.


It is said that the green Jade is approximately 570 million years old. This necklace, therefore, is made of materials as old as the Cambrian explosion on earth. The diversity and remarkable importance of this era are of great metaphorical significance to the jade gemstone. The gemstone has evolved through every human civilization to have unending meanings connected to it. 


Can I go for a Green Jade Necklace as a Friendship Gift?

Not only the Chinese traditions give so much importance to the jade gem. Even in ancient Egypt, the green Jade was known to be a friendship stone that strengthened the bond between two people. Gifting the green to your partner can invite deeper understanding, stronger emotional bonds, tolerance, and tranquility between both of you.


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