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13 Top Animal Necklace Ideas: It’s So Much More Than The Print

Animal necklaces are a classic in the world of jewelry and trending accessories. Since time immemorial, humans have been wearing animal-shaped lockets and pendants around their necks as aesthetic, rituals, and religious beliefs.

Even today, such enthusiasm is rife all around the world. On top of that, with the rising popularity of small businesses, unique homegrown designs are finding greater and greater importance in the niche of social media trends and fashion essentials. So, today we are here to dive deep into the animal necklace world.

What makes animal necklaces this popular?

The animal necklace, along with gaining popularity, has also welcomed increasing diversity into its niche. This is the reason that when we talk about animal necklaces we are not talking just about the animal print; although the animal print looks luxurious and a girl boss classic. The recent surge in responsible shopping and sustainable consumers has raised concern about the symbolism of the animal print and sought to replace it with other, wholesome alternatives.

13 wholesome animal necklace ideas

As consumers, we have to uphold both sustainable products as well as important artistic messages as well as their creators. Keeping such essential things in mind, here is a list of strikingly beautiful animal necklaces.

Animal pendant necklace

Animal pendants can be anything; cute, vibrant, monotone, and classic. Lions, tigers, crabs,  eagles, crocodiles, whales, or cute animals like rabbits and rodents for children. We were even surprised to see so many unicorns! Pendant necklaces can be customized after your present or deceased pet and can therefore become a super important and loved gift. Animal pendant necklaces are added to beads, white gold, silver plating, etc. A couple of animal pendants also offer the choice of heart shapes and initials.

Animal urn necklace

The animal urn necklace is a mysterious, unending subgenre in itself. The pricier ones in this niche are vintage pieces from personal collections and antiques that have found their origins in the hands of the goldsmiths of endless different indigenous tribes. The newer versions are often handmade with great care by small creators and carry vibrant, abstract beauty and important socio-political messages. Often gold plated and made of wood, urn necklaces have religious significance for many, many people.

Bohemian animal necklace

The comeback of the 70s fashion into mainstream styles this year has also brought a surge of boho or hippie aesthetic enthusiasts to the forefront. Along with moons and stars and special crystals, the ethnic significance of animals like owls, elephants, and snakes is crucial to South Asian ethnicity, from which these aesthetics are inspired. Bohemian jewelry is characterized by multicolored structures and multiple layers. Tarnished metal bodies are quite popular for their rustic look. Bejeweled metallic pendants crafted with rhinestones are also a much sought-after necklace style.

Sun sign animal necklace

A number of sun and moon signs are really on animals as their symbolism. Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces directly implement the use of animal figures for their identification. Wearing your own sun or moon sign or that of your partner can ascertain stronger bonds and mutual prosperity in the relationship. Many religious parents prefer to wear ordained necklaces for the prosperity of their children as well. The benefits of wearing such necklaces are similar to wearing gemstones and keeping crystals.

Faux animal tooth necklace

Animal tooth necklace is probably a prehistoric fascination. In the past, animal ivory and tooth sets were written around the necks of many influential people. Our present understanding of animal cruelty vehemently opposes such ignorant behavior. Hence faux necklaces made of sustainable materials or metals and gemstones are chosen and given the shape of tusks and jaws for the buyers. Animal tooth necklaces have cultural significance in many South American, African, and Asian cultures. Keeping in mind their historical significance, wearing them for simple aesthetic purposes is discouraged.

Faux animal print necklace

Keeping in mind the same responsibility that we have talked about earlier in this article, faux animal print is used to fashion the faux animal print necklace. Animal prints look royal, and luxurious and match the exact requirements of so many people. Tiger print, leopard print, zebra print, etc constitute the greatest demand. Many creators have sought to use more colorful palettes to oppose animal cruelty. Others have chosen abstract animal print styles or paired animal prints with forest prints to spread the message of diversity conservation.

Animal jam princess necklace

The princess necklace is a quite popular addition to Animal Jam’s Jam Mart Clothing for 80 gems. It is a member-only clothing item as a part of a huge inventory of the game. It is a long beaded structure that comes in seven variants with four diamond-shaped gemstones in the front. Owing to the massive popularity of the game, real-life merchandise of the princess necklace is now available in the market by small and big creators. The animal jam princess necklace might be just the thing your kids say they want, and our verdict of that they might be right.

Animal friendship necklace

Like most friendship necklaces, the animal friendship necklace comes in a set of two or three – well, sometimes even four! They come in complementary color variants, or with the initials of the friends, or maybe even a connected set of which each necklace only holds a part. Certain animals like the dove, the pigeon or the rabbit symbolize peace, connection, and innocence – all aspects of a healthy friendship. Alternatively, a custom choice can be made that celebrates a great memory you all have or a pet you intend to keep together. This kind of gift is perfect for friendship days, friendship anniversaries, birthdays, or farewells. 

Elephant Necklace

The elephant has been an iconic animal through the years. It is one of the strongest and the largest animal living on the planet. Elephants symbolize companionship, unity, and loyalty. If you want to opt for something which would be chic and elegant while also having some symbolic meaning with it, then a piece of elephant-designed animal jewelry is the perfect choice for you because it is a symbol of success, wisdom, luck, peace, and fertility. Also in Hindu mythology, it is believed that the powerful God, Ganesh has an elephant head and he is the god of good fortune and obstacles remover. Thus you can opt for your customized type of elephant necklace and effortlessly slay any look.

Cat necklace

Cat necklace is undoubtedly a type that perfectly represents the fact that you are perfect the way you are. Cats are usually regarded as a representation of mystery, independence, self-discovery, and exploration. These cute cat-shaped animal necklaces are not only symbolically very high but also they look super cute when you wear them. Cats have always been one of everyone’s favorite pets, so, the cat necklace gives you a cute look with whatever you pair it up with. Cat pendants are a uniquely creative way to style your look because they go with everything and anything without making it look too much. You can customize your cat pendant according to your willingness. You can opt for gold-plated or oxidized cat pendants.

Owl Necklace

The Owl necklace in itself sets a style statement. They are available in multiple lengths and sizes. You can style them with any saree or the dress you are thinking to wear on your date night. The owl plays a highly symbolic role in multiple cultures as well. In some cultures, it is considered a symbol of protection, and in some as a symbol of charm, knowledge, etc. Have you ever thought about why the owl necklace is so popular as jewelry? The reason behind this is the wide range of symbolic meanings that it holds. Is simply said to be a symbol of mystery, protection, knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom.

Bee Necklace

Do you have do you also have someone to whom you want to gift something to show your love and care while also keeping it cute and stylish? Then a bee necklace is a perfect choice for you. You can gift your loved one a bee necklace of warm-toned honey shade or that of a golden one. They are usually available in lifelike sizes, hoops, and other geometric designs When you gift someone a bee-shaped necklace animal, you are basically trying to strengthen your connection of unconditional love and support with the person. A bee necklace also brings in good luck and wealth in abundance. So don’t think twice before gifting a bee necklace to your loved one because the person is definitely going to love it.

Tiger Necklace

Tiger is one of the fiercest animals alive. Tigers have also been one of the favorite animals of the kings in the old times. Tiger is a symbol of strength and rage. So, when you’re wearing a tiger necklace, you will automatically feel a supernatural power around you. It will give you the confidence to do whatever you are doing and you’re definitely going to succeed in that. A positive aspect of wearing a tiger necklace is that it symbolizes strength, courage, honor, power, ambition, willpower, etc. If you love diamonds, you can also customize your diamond tiger pendant and have your own type of style statement. People will definitely admire your elegance and would be awed by your beauty.


Animal necklaces are eye-catching without being tacky, and that is just one of the many reasons for their popularity. Animals are a huge part of our lives, as our sustainers, our pet babies, our inspiration as well as our collective pledge.

They are our providers in every sense of the way. Celebrating their existence and drawing a connection between our human self and our animal self has deep meanings for most people. Their spiritual presence through pendants and necklaces often elevates our lives and provides us with stability as well as intrapersonal relationships.

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