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DIY Clay Bead Bracelet Ideas | Make Your Jewelry at Home

Are you fond of wearing clay bead bracelets? If yes, what is more, exciting than crafting clay bead bracelets on your own? Yes, that’s correct! You can indeed find numerous bead bracelets made up of clay on the web but, no bracelet can match the satisfaction of wearing your DIY clay bead bracelet crafted with your own hands! This article will share fruitful information on how to make your DIY bead bracelets with ease and utmost perfection. So, get ready to get both creative and innovative at the same time!

How to make DIY clay bead bracelets? The complete guide

First things first, before hopping onto making the DIY clay bead bracelet ideas you need to gather the stuff required for making them. The list of stuff required for making the DIY beads bracelet is :

  • Clay beads of your choice
  • Elastic strings
  • Ornamental glue
  • A good needle
  • Hand gloves
  • A flat and clean surface for making the bracelets

So, are you done with gathering all the above-mentioned stuff? Now, it’s time, to begin with, the making of the clay beads bracelet ideas. You can build up your very own clay beaded bracelet at home just by following these super-simple steps.

  • The first step is – Assemble the clay beads of your choice. You can also include additional charms of your choice to make your DIY bead bracelet a lot fancier.
  • The second step is – Make use of the bead stopper to make both ends of the elastic wire secure so that none of the clay beads fall off the wire of the clay bead bracelet.
  • The third step – Use the needle and input the clay beads on the elastic string one by one. Use more clay beads to make your bracelet look complete. You can use the Heishi clay beads for better results.
  • The fourth step – After assembling the beads according to your wish, make a knot at the wire end. Also, apply the jewelry glue to the knot to make it more secure and strong.
  • The fifth step is – Keep the newly prepared DIY bead bracelet away in an undisturbed place and let it dry up completely. Also, use hand gloves to keep your hands out of any excessive jewelry glue as it may cause skin disease.

Now that you know the steps precisely, it’s time you learn about some incredible heishi clay bead bracelet ideas.

Types of clay bead bracelets that you can make at home

  1. Smiley clay bead bracelet – The ultimate motto of life should be to stay happy and keep smiling. Don’t you agree with this? Wear a smiley bead bracelet and always remind yourself to smile even through the toughest situations of life. This DIY bracelet idea is undoubtedly one of the best ideas to opt for. You can use customized smiley beads of various colors to make your bracelet look vibrant and lively. Here’s an additional tip for you, add some initial beads in between the smileys to quote a message. This message can be anything from an inspirational quote to any personal message. Choose a message and make your smiley beaded bracelet look more joyous!
  1. Unicorn clay bead bracelet – Make a unique and creative unicorn-themed bead bracelet made up of clay and add touches of rejoicing into your life. A unicorn symbolizes happiness, success, peace, and prosperity. So, if you opt for these unique DIY clay bead bracelets ideas, you can never go wrong! Buy some cute unicorn charms along with the uniform clay bead set and craft your bracelet with perfection. Adopt these DIY clay beads bracelets ideas to remind yourself of your inner potential, and peace and spread positivity into your life. These bracelets can also be used as perfect gifts for friends. So, cut the wait and start with your creativity now!
  1. Cartoon character-inspired bead bracelet – Are you a cartoon freak? How about imprinting your favorite cartoon character on your hands by creating amazing cartoon character-inspired clay bracelets? This is one of the most incredible flat clay bead bracelet ideas you can ever come across. Who is your favorite cartoon character? Is it Doraemon? Then order a Doraemon-themed clay bead set. Is it the charm of Mickey mouse that excites you the most? Then a Mickey mouse-themed clay bead set would be appropriate for that. Don’t forget to add the charms to your bracelet for the extra spark!
  1. Floral clay bead bracelet – Do you want to make your wrists look pretty and bloom with floral designs? What’s better than a captivating and charming floral clay DIY bead bracelet then? You can buy clay beads of any floral pattern, color, or, shape as per your choice. Mostly the pinkish tones go best for floral clay jewelry. Also, you can invoke the girly charm of your hands by embracing some purple-hued floral clay beads. For extra detailing, use some additional cute and sophisticated floral charms which will add an aesthetic touch to your DIY jewelry.

Closing notes

Making clay bead bracelets at home is not at all tough! You can effortlessly make the clay bracelet ideas sitting at your home by following the above-mentioned procedure. Bead bracelets made up of clay are not only used as jewelry but also as a symbol of friendship and other relationships. Make your connection stronger with your dear ones by gifting them with DIY clay bracelets made by yourself. No matter whomever you gift this bracelet to, they are sure to reciprocate your wonderful efforts with incredible love and joy!

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