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6 Ways To Use Sea Shells As A Shell Jewelry

Sea shells have always been fascinating and everyone’s favorite ever since childhood. Remember how you used to collect seashells whenever you visited a beach as a kid? How about incorporating your favorite shells into jewelry and getting trendy, fashionable shell jewelry?

Then, we are here with perfect guidance for you.

In this article, we have accumulated 6 of the best, unique, stylish looks you can try with shells just by attaching them into beads and chains and getting the desired look in no time.  

Design your unique jewelry with sea shells

Did you know that designing sea shell jewelry is super easy and can be done at home with little effort?

If you did not, this is the perfect place you have come to. Here we will give you 6 Top ideas on how to design shell jewelry at home and attain that PERFECT look you have always dreamt of.

Shell Choker and Necklace

Shell Choker and Necklace
Image source: Alitools

Necklaces are every girl’s favorite when it comes to accessories. And a shell necklace is an out-of-the-box and completely chic idea to design one look. However, the simple necklace might not always look good with every outfit you want to design, but giving your old chained choker a new outlook by attaching some beautiful seashells to it is definitely a worth-grabbing option. Simply attaching a few pieces of the fashionable seashells can give a surreal touch to your regular choker.

Shell Bracelet

Whether with a western or a traditional outfit, bracelets are the perfect fit for almost every outfit. You must already have a beautiful dangling bracelet for your occasional looks, but having a seashell bracelet is a jewelry option that you would never wish to miss.

You can wear it for your grand occasions and for your parties and friend invites. Just collect beautiful shells and attach them to the chains the size of your wrist. Lastly, attaching the ends with a joiner makes a beautiful shell bracelet ready.

Shell anklet

The trend of wearing anklets recently has skyrocketed in the past few months. People love wearing ankle-length clothes and an anklet at the end. So why not wear an anklet of a very unique and not-so-regular design? Stone and other anklet looks are very common and almost every people have them on. But how about a shell anklet? Well, different, right?

Just cut a chain of the length of your feet, add a joiner to it, and using jump rings, add your favorite small shells to it and see how just by wearing a simple shell anklet, you will be collecting a lot of compliments.

Shell Earrings

If a necklace or a bracelet is not your thing and you don’t usually wear shell necklaces or other jewelry, a shell earring is at your rescue. A stylish, trendy, and fashionable seashell earring is definitely something you would never wish to not have in your jewelry box.

No matter how many gold or silver or trendy earrings you own, a long dangling shell earring is something that would add a touch of sophistication to your regular and everyday look. Imagine if you’re going to your office with a dry look; just put the shell earrings on and look how the magic is done.

Shell finger ring

Wearing a Sea shell necklace and earrings and wondering what extra you can add to your look to make it more unique and chic? Then a Shell finger ring is definitely what you have been looking for. Even when styling your look without a shell necklace, finger rings give a different level of satisfaction to the look effortlessly.

Rings can never go out of trend and thus always have their own kind of style. Just wear a big shell finger ring with some small shells dangling by the edges of it and see how unique jewelry would be ready in your hand that others would be curious about to know where you got it from.

Shell Maang Tikla

Are your wedding around the corner, and you don’t want to wear that regular flower jewelry for your Haldi ceremony? Or do you have a fashion or dance competition where you want to dress differently than others? Then a very unique kind of option that you can try your hands on is trying a shell set.

A shell set with the ideal shell necklace, shell earrings, and finally, the center of attraction, a shell Maang Tikka. A circular shell design made with shells pasted on a hard surface and shells attached to chains on either side will be a marvelous idea to give a go! In no time, your differentiated look would be ready, and all eyes will be glued on you!


Now that you have some of the best seashell accessories and jewelry ideas, what are you waiting for? Make your shell necklaces today and see how people would come running to you enquiring, where you got them from.

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