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10 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Necklace Length

A necklace is a fabulous accessory to add as a final touch to practically any outfit. However, the necklace’s length may significantly impact how that ensemble looks.

You may utilize length to highlight your greatest features and minimize less attractive ones since necklaces tend to draw attention to where they hang on the body.

It’s vital to consider your neck’s overall look while choosing the right necklace length and your neck size, body type, and face shape. To help you, we mentioned 10 valuable tips to select the right necklace length.

10 Useful Tips To Choose The Right Necklace Length

1. Size up your neck

It’s a good idea to take your neck’s diameter before buying a necklace. This is particularly true if you’re thinking of purchasing a very short chain, such as a collar or choker since such designs are meant to fit very closely.

2. Examine the length & breadth of your neck

Short chains like collars and chokers look their best on those with long, thin necks. When worn with short or broad necks, they are less attractive. If you have a short neck, picking a chain between 20 and 24 inches (50 cm necklace and 60 cm necklace) will make your neck seem longer.

3. Long chains highlight collarbones

Avoid wearing small chains if your neck is broad or short; instead, choose ones that are at least an 18-inch chain on the neck (45cm necklace) long. Doing this will put more focus on your collarbone and bust region and less on your neck area. 

4. Use a shorter chain to draw attention to your neck.

Choose a shorter between 14 and 17-inch necklace to draw attention to a long, beautiful neck. Choker and collar necklaces are excellent choices since they are short and focus on your neck.

5. Pick a length that will highlight your beautiful qualities

Avoid wearing necklaces that finish there if you don’t want to attract attention to that particular location. For instance, lengthy, layered chains can accentuate your body shape if you have a petite breast. Try anything between 71 and 96 cm (28 to 38 inches) long. 

6. Consider your face’s form.

Your finest face features might be emphasized by the necklace length you choose. If you’re not cautious, it might also draw attention to traits you’d like to hide. The optimum necklace length for you will depend on your fundamental facial shape.

7. Think about your height

If your height is short, “select a 16 to 20 inch (45 to 60 cm) necklace (or 162 cm). Anything longer often overwhelms tiny frames. Average-height people (between 5’4″ and 5’7”) may wear necklaces of virtually any length. 

8. Put on chokers and collars with open-neck clothes.

It would help if you chose clothes that let you show some skin since shorter chains draw attention to the neck region. A choker will stand out more the more exposed flesh there is around it. Choose shirts with sweetheart, scoop, v-neck, strapless, off-the-shoulder, and square necklines for the most stunning results.

9. Select a 19-inch necklace

If you want a multipurpose item, choose an 18-inch chain. The most popular length necklace is 19 inches, which will fall just below the collarbone and go with practically anything in your wardrobe. 

10. Keep your longest necklaces with evening attire.

You may best appearance of the necklace by wearing the longest necklines, which will balance out the length of the chain. Long chains also tend to give off a dressier, more refined atmosphere. Pair a cocktail or evening outfit with a long pearl necklace. 

How to measure the length of a necklace?


To measure the necklace you should follow these tips:

  • The chain should be unlocked and laid down straight.
  • Ascertain the length using a ruler or tape measure.
  • Observe the length.
  • Take a neck measurement.
  • If the length of the chain cannot be altered, choose a standard length.
  • When selecting a length, keep in mind your height.
  • Pick a size that will fit your body type.
  • Adapt a length to the form of your face.

16 Inch Vs 18 Inch Necklace

It would be best if you chose the necklace that best suits you from two lengths, 16 inches, and 18 inches. You may also acquire adjustable chains to change the size of your new necklace at any time.

You must first measure your neck before choosing the chain length that is ideal for you. Use a delicate measuring tape to do that. For the 16-inch length, add 2 inches, and for the 18-inch length, add 4 inches. Measure firmly around your neck.

How to make the necklace shorter?

If it’s a straightforward chain with open rings, cutting it down to size shouldn’t be too difficult. Using two flat pliers, you may easily open the ring that connects your chain and your clasp.

Choose pliers with nylon tips to avoid marring the surface of the metal. Take off your clasp now. Then, to get the desired length, eliminate the additional link. After that, reattach your clasp and the ring that connects it.


I hope you loved this “10 Useful Tips To Choose The Right Necklace Length” post. A good necklace is like the ideal pair of jeans for finding the perfect outfit. When shopping for clothing, it’s crucial to think about your body shape and not just go with what’s popular at the time.


In what country does the necklace take place?

In 1884, Guy de Maupassant’s short fiction “The Necklace” was in Paris.

How many inches is 45 cm?

45 cm = 17.7 inch

How long is 40 cm?

40 cm = 0.4m

How many inches is 46 cm?

46 cm = 18.1 inch

What is 19 cm in inches?

19 cm = 7.4 inch

Can I extend the necklace chain?

Yes, you can extend the necklace with an add-on extension.

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