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Rajhu S Goraai

Types of Jewellery is a community whose entire strength lies in the talent and skill of its workers. On our mission to expand this community, we are actively looking for great creators who match the ideas and guidelines which drive the core of our working process.

Contact us to write for our blog and get a chance to work with the greatest talents of present times. Get paid to write about the things that you love and meet new challenges in a welcoming environment.

Here is a brief guide to the quality of work and conduct we expect from our creators.

Enthusiasm and creativity

The most attractive thing about new creators is their enthusiasm and creativity when it comes to handling everyday tasks. Types of jewelry are looking for creators were interested in building a lifelong passion for the subjects that rely on creative solutions to find excellence at experienced work.

Willingness to improve

Creative who are willing to improve is always a great fit for any institution, and we are no exception. The enthusiasm which we are looking for is not shy of correcting mistakes or attempting to introduce new ideas into the creation process in order to improve their existing standards of writing both for their personal satisfaction as well as the integrity of our community.

Meeting timely deadlines

We believe in creating good quality content regularly. The content is also expected to be quick and easy to grasp but must also be written within a certain stipulated amount of time, without which its relevance might lose value. We are looking for creators who understand the importance of time.

Following up on new writing challenges

Our site is where writers face daily challenges that demand a change in how they approach the very essence of writing, and they embrace these to find new pathways to achieve these goals. Interest in following up on challenges and seeing them to their end is an appreciative quality that will make you a great fit for Types of jewelry.

Coming up with unique topics and solutions

Creators of Types of jewelry are also expected to help the community by doing their own research and coming up with new ideas that no one but themselves can ever think of. This enriches the variety and diversity in the content we can bring to our audience. Reacting to constructive criticism and following up on reader feedback by developing new solutions is also something our creators must often do.

A grasp on the creative side of the English language

We demand a good knowledge of the English language’s technicalities and some practice in its creative potential. We are looking for content that attracts, grasps, and surprises the reader on first impression. Our creators are often well-versed in different tones and styles of writing and know how to use this language to create an impact in the mind of readers.

A flair for writing about fashion

Lastly, we expect our creators to be interested in fashion and accessorization genuinely. This interest is often reflected in their work and how authentic and new the tone and language seem. Even if it is at a personal level, we wish our creators to have in-depth knowledge about styling and accessorizing, which will come in handy when creating content daily.

Remember, our preferences are simple guidance through which we filter out creators who apply to us. Types of jewelry is a community that only hires the best of the numerals applications we receive. This mostly concerns our determination to bring forward only the best in fashion writing to our audience. However, if you do not meet a few of the requirements listed above, don’t let it stop you from reaching out to us! Because we don’t really know who we are looking for until we meet them!

Contact our content management team at “typesofjewelry24@gmail.com” to get your application reviewed. We always welcome beginner creators and are more than willing to guide them into the professional writing process. Our team will reach back to all young writers within 24 to 48 hours with test articles or other challenges which will cement their position with our community. We believe in transparency regarding payment and operations at Types of jewelry.