Privacy policy


Types Of Jewellery place great importance on protecting user data at all costs. Every data generated by a user on this platform and recorded by our automatic software undergoes a special screening intended to provide security and judicial research on user data without breaching user privacy.

Our privacy policy is directly based on the Data and Protection Act of 2003. Our privacy policies are internal to our specific website. We are not responsible for the different policies on other websites, which you may be directed to through advertisements, external links, and web searches.

Our teams are dedicated to providing transparency regarding privacy policy and data assessment on this platform. We are obliged and grateful for the opportunity to convey to our users the exact nature of data retrieval and processing, as you will read in the sections below.

By using our website, you are automatically consenting to our privacy policy and related terms and conditions. Our platform is open and accessible to all, and the same policies exist for every user. You might display your disagreement with our policies by refusing to use this website.

Like most websites on the Internet, our website is programmed to collect data on both a personal and an impersonal level. Please review our terms and conditions regarding the data you are voluntarily providing and make sure you know that this data will only be used to customize your user experience on this website.

Aggregate data, however, is a collection of data you are a part of. This kind of data invoices many users and is a method of analyzing and auditing our performance as your favorite accessory website.

Note that our website is not responsible for the policies on other platforms that might or might not be linked to ours.

Types of information collected.

As mentioned before, our website collects information on both personal and aggregate levels.

  • Collection of personnel data

Personal data directly or indirectly relates to your world wide web user identity. As much as it is our responsibility to only procure personal data through informed consent and voluntary participation of our users, it is the responsibility of our users to ensure that the information they input is reliable and valid.

Some services or quizzes might include specific interests or desires that are only used to enhance your user experience on this website by presenting content more than ever customized to your choice.

Another form of personal data, perhaps the most heavily guarded, is your online financial data. Any payment gateway used by our website is authorized to be legal and perfectly safe for users. Our website and payment gateways do not save any financial details of our users and only use the entered information to conduct that specific transaction successfully.

Several fraudulent sources disguised themselves with our website’s name to scam users. Our website is not responsible for third-party fraudulent activities. Users are advised and requested to refrain from sharing information with unauthorized sources.

In some rare cases, information like IP addresses and browser names are also procured from users through their voluntary participation.

  • Non-personal data collection

Non-personal data is a form of aggregate data which combines certain patterns of behavior that you as a user leave on this website with the behavior of several other such users to come to a conclusion that can benefit the growth and diversity of this particular platform.

Data interpretation and analysis in this day and age are trained to recognize user behavior patterns, which gives an insight into the trends, preferences, and expectations of the audience that uses this platform daily.

Our teams work very hard to manage and interpret huge aggregates of traffic data that directly enhance the content we bring to you. Aggregate data does not keep your personal information as a user. You can rest assured that non-personal data cannot be used to track your identity in the real world or to contact you or your financial sources.


As a user, you might have wondered why it is impossible to navigate the Internet without using cookies. Our platform uses cookies inserted into your computer’s hard drive and identifies you as part and parcel of the aggregate data we interpret.

Therefore, with you as a part of the web traffic generated to our platform, these cookies analyze and interpret web traffic as a whole. Types Of Jewellery uses Google Analytics cookies, a mandatory part of every user’s experience.

Important to note that cookies are used only to develop personalized content for your computer identity and are collected as non-personal, statistical pieces of information.

Cookies do not make any changes to your computer and do not carry any malware on them. It cannot access the files with all information located on your computer, and it has no information on your IP address in any way at all.

If you decline the use of cookies on this website, you might encounter several disadvantages and blockages in your user experience. Our platform cannot access cookies in any manner except to draw general statistical conclusions from them as our cookie recipe is total with Google.

Google is responsible for the cookies generated from your hard drive and can forward them and the generated non-personal data to third-party institutions.

Cookies are safe to use on your device and are a mandatory prerequisite for developing our audience-creator relationship.

Third-party processing

Our platform collaborates with third-party institutions to bring various kinds of enhanced content to our users. Non-personal aggregate data is often shared as a part of this collaborative process with third parties. Information voluntarily provided by our users is integral to our sincerity and accountability toward our audience. This kind of information is never forwarded to any other institution apart from Types Of Jewellery.

Our team members encrypt personal data to be accessible only to certain departments within this platform. It means anyone accessing your personal information must first decode it and strictly abide by their legal responsibilities while providing you with the facilities for which you connected with us on a personal level. Only authorized personnel and trained professionals can access your personal information.

Statistical aggregates are passed out to third parties for data analysis, marketing, content outsourcing, strategizing and planning information interpretation, and similar research-related purposes. Sometimes your information on a non-personal level absorbs, making huge contributions to the decision-making process of our and related institutions.

Some third-party professionals involved in the statistical interpretation of non-personal data include advertising service agencies, content strategists, marketers, sponsors, legal representatives, researchers, etc.

Our platform is bound to disclose personal information only when legal authorities issue sanctioned warrants, including summons, warrants, and statutory requirements.

How do we use the information?

We tend to use information, therefore, in two major ways, which include the following activities:

●          Data analysis and interpretation

●          Creation of customized products and services

●          Providing you with notifications and updates related to content personalized for you

●          Conduct market research and informed consent surveys

●          Promotional emails, when voluntarily accepted

●          Provide your information to third parties with your informed consent

●          Developing the aesthetic and content requirements of our platforms

Deletion of your personal information

Under the Data Protection Act of 1988 and 2003, our platforms and those on the Internet are obliged to remove and delete your personal information upon request, even if you had voluntarily provided it to us earlier.

We are also legally bound to never hold your information with our servers for longer than necessary to provide you with the specific service you signed up for. It is outside our rights to sell your information to any third party, which our platform will never do.

Changes to our privacy policy

Our platform is authorized to make changes and modifications to this privacy policy according to the changes in our organization and broader changes in a social and legal framework.

To be notified of such changes, users are advised to visit our privacy policy routinely and look for any updates or modifications which might have been made. We request all our users to rest assured that all policies made by this platform will be for the benefit and safety of our users.